What does a woman’s private parts smell like? If you have any of these 3 smells, you might be sick.

I remember an old song that goes like this: miss your white socks and the smell of your body. Everyone has their own special body odor and it’s actually normal for a woman’s private parts to have a special smell as well.

What is the smell of a woman’s private parts?

Normally, a woman’s private parts will have a fishy smell, the degree of which varies from person to person, and the smell may be stronger if she does not pay attention to her private hygiene.

However, if the taste of a woman’s private parts becomes irritating and unpleasant, it may be a sign of certain diseases, it is recommended to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department in time.

In fact, it is normal for a woman’s private parts to smell, and even healthy private parts can emit a faint fishy odor. However, if a woman’s private parts emit irritating fishy odor, stench or fish odor and other odors, it may be a signal of the arrival of certain gynecological diseases.

Private parts have these 3 kinds of smell, you may be sick!

  1. Fishy odor   If a woman’s private parts or leucorrhoea emits a fishy odor, it is advisable to go to the hospital to diagnose the possibility of anaerobic infections, vaginal haemophilus infections, trichomonas infections and other gynaecological infections.
  2. Foul odor

If a woman has a serious infection of the reproductive tract, or if she suffers from a serious disease such as severe cervical erosion, endometritis, or a malignant tumor of the reproductive tract, her private parts usually emit a foul odor. Especially in older women, if the discharge is accompanied by blood, be on the lookout for tumors!

  1. Fishy smell

When a woman’s vagina is infected by Haemophilus vaginalis, the leukorrhea coming out of her private parts will usually have an irritating fish smell, and if the private parts are also accompanied by pain, itching and burning, girls are advised not to be shy.

How do I get rid of private odor?

  1. Timely medical care and treatment of diseases

This is a great way to get rid of the bad smell in your private parts.

  1. Pay attention to the private parts of the hygiene

Women should try to wash their vulva with water, but not their vagina, and make sure to wash their vagina once a day.

  1. Pay attention to menstrual hygiene

Women during the menstrual period, due to menstrual blood residue, private air is poorer, easy to emit odor, so women during the menstrual period must pay attention to hygiene, change sanitary napkins frequently, choose loose underwear, pay attention to every day with warm water to clean the private parts.

  1. Less tight pants

If you wear tight pants, the vaginal secretions will not be able to penetrate into the vagina, which may cause bacteria and gynecological infections. Therefore, it is best to wear loose fitting pants to prevent private parts from smelling bad.

  1. Pay attention to hygiene during sex

Men and women should pay attention to hygiene when engaging in conjugal life, do not insert unwashed hands into the female vagina; when buying condoms, it is best to choose regular manufacturers; men should wash the penis with warm water before sex.

The reason for this is that it’s not just a matter of time, but also a matter of time and money.