Countering Bush Jr. Pompeo: America is not a banana republic

U.S. President Donald Trump‘s supporters broke into the Capitol yesterday to interrupt the process of confirming Biden’s victory, prompting foreigners and even former President George W. Bush Jr. to criticize such a U.S. as a “banana republic,” a comment Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dismissed today.

AFP reports that George W. Bush Jr. criticized his fellow Republicans in a statement yesterday in a suggestive tone, saying their “reckless behavior” has fueled the “insurgency. He wrote: “This kind of debate over election results is happening in a banana republic, not in our democratic republic.

Mike Pompeo, who is the head of U.S. diplomacy, later tweeted, “This slanderous statement reveals a misunderstanding of banana republics and American democracy.

In a banana republic, it’s the mob that decides how to exercise power,” he said. But in the United States, law enforcement officials suppress the mob so that the representatives can exercise their power in accordance with the rule of law and constitutional government.

Two members of Trump’s cabinet have resigned after yesterday’s congressional incident, but Pompeo remains steadfast in his allegiance to Trump.