It’s shedding there! What are the causes of pubic hair loss in women?

We all know that because of metabolic problems, hair falls out automatically, which is a normal phenomenon, but does the rest of our body lose hair? The answer is yes, and female pubic hair can fall out automatically. But don’t be alarmed, it is normal for women to lose their pubic hair, but there are different reasons and ways to deal with it depending on your age and health condition.

Causes of female pubic hair loss

Causes of pubic hair loss 1. Long-term use of drugs

Some patients need to take certain medications such as antineoplastic drugs, antipsychotics and drugs for rheumatic diseases for a long period of time due to their medical condition, and these medications can cause pubic hair loss.

Causes of pubic hair loss 2. Anterior pituitary hypoplasia

Women with postpartum hemorrhage can suffer from anterior pituitary hypopituitarism with symptoms including extreme weight loss, scanty or amenorrheic menstruation, loss or even disappearance of pubic and axillary hair, and atrophy of the breasts and external genitalia.

Causes of pubic hair loss 3. Pituitary Prolactinoma

A pituitary prolactin tumor can occur at any age, and the patient’s blood prolactin concentration will be elevated, and axillary and pubic hair will be lost, in addition to closed milk overflow.