Girls sell their eggs on the black market, but the money they make is not enough to cure the disease, doctors: it’s not worth it, the physical damage is irreversible

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at a few of the products that are available in the marketplace.

More than a month ago, she listened to the intermediary’s temptation, hit the ovulation needle for ten days, with 20 mature eggs in exchange for 35,000 yuan of remuneration. However, more than ten days later, all kinds of physical discomfort ensued.

She felt that her lower abdomen was becoming more and more swollen, and from time to time she even felt tightness in her chest. Her intuition told her that the problem was caused by the egg donation, but she couldn’t believe it. After a few days of struggling with her thoughts and contacting the agent to no avail, Lynn eventually headed to the hospital out of fear.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome – that was the diagnosis given by the hospital. And that treatment was $30,000 in medical bills!

“Donating my eggs is by far the most regrettable thing I’ve ever done,” Lynn said self-deprecatingly.

Sperm eggs are very different.

Egg donation and sperm donation are one word different, but the effects on the female and male bodies are not comparable.

1: Sperm and egg numbers are different

In a normal male, the number of spermatozoa can reach 400 to 600 million in a single discharge.

For women, however, only one primordial follicle matures each month and is released from the ovary into the fallopian tube, and if no fish sperm unites within 48 hours, it will die by itself. According to statistics, a woman can only successfully conceive 300-400 mature eggs in her lifetime.

2、The extraction method is inconsistent

While men can extract sperm by doing it themselves, women have to resort to tools and more complicated steps to extract eggs.

The first step is to ripen the egg

Although a woman’s ovaries will have a group of basic follicles, only one or two eggs will mature each month, which is very rare. Therefore, drugs are needed to ripen these follicles so that a dozen or so eggs mature at almost the same time. Usually an ovulation stimulating needle is used.

Step Two, Egg Retrieval

The procedure is called “ultrasound-guided transvaginal ovarian puncture for egg retrieval”, and the needle used to retrieve the eggs is 35 centimeters long and 2-3 millimeters in diameter, which already sounds scary, right?

That’s not all.

Usually black agents will lure ignorant women with the fact that this procedure is unnoticeable and the process can be done quickly, because before undergoing this procedure, the woman will also undergo general anesthesia, and then the doctor will take this needle and pierce it from the vaginal wall all the way into the ovaries and follicles. Since not just one egg will be taken, this needle will pierce the ovary multiple times and create multiple gaps.

Risks to women from selling eggs illegally

  1. Commercial egg donation is illegal in our country.

Because it is illegal, there is no legal protection for commercial egg trading in the country, no matter how high profile the reason (e.g. charitable nature, etc.). The operation is not performed by a professional team, and it is even more difficult for women who sell their eggs to defend their rights if they are unwell. In addition, since the operation requires total anesthesia, it is difficult for women to guarantee their personal safety during the sleeping period.

  1. Ovarian diseases caused by oxytocin drugs

After the ovarian follicles in ovulation induction are ripened, the follicle volume is increasing, the permeability of the ovarian capillary wall is enhanced, and body fluids will slowly accumulate in it, causing abdominal and pleural effusion and other symptoms, forming ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

3, ovarian ovulation stimulation needle damage

Since ovulation induction needles have to pierce the ovarian wall, and commercial egg retrieval removes more than a dozen eggs at once, the damage to the ovaries can be significant and may even cause pelvic bleeding.

  1. 1% chance of ovarian reversal

This condition means that the ovaries are ischemic and necrotic, and if they are not detected in time, the necrotic ovaries and fallopian tubes need to be removed, so that not only is the woman’s fertility destroyed, the lack of ovaries will also lead to accelerated aging.

5、Increase the incidence of ovarian tumors

As more and more girls are being cheated and exposed by the media, this underground industry is becoming more and more well known. Many times because of the inertia of thinking that it is not difficult for men to donate sperm, as if it is not dangerous for women to donate eggs, so the black-hearted intermediaries even have a chance to catch some young women’s ignorance and tempt them to sell their health with certain benefits! There are still small advertisements for egg donation on the back of some university public toilets.

Fortunately, many women who know the truth have begun to spontaneously “destroy” these harmful advertisements.

It is also hoped that women who have this idea will not be deceived again after understanding the dangers.

After all, the health of the body as a bargaining chip to sell money, it is more than worth it!

Be sure to inform the women around you and stay safe!