Women’s “bottom” should not be excessive cleaning, know the reason is important, do not repeat the mistake

Many women think that washing their genitals and vaginas every day is the most hygienic way to keep them clean, but this is not the case, as washing every day may not prevent gynecological infections.

If a woman does not know how to take care of her private parts, it can easily lead to gynecological problems and even affect her fertility.

When it comes to private care, the most important thing is to wash the private parts, many women do not know how to wash the private parts is correct. One of the most common problems is over-cleaning the private parts.

Women who over-wash their private parts are instead prone to diseases

Under normal circumstances, the private parts of a healthy woman are weakly acidic. There are normal strains of bacteria present in the private parts and they are predominantly Lactobacillus, which makes up about 90% of the population. These normal strains of bacteria have a protective effect on the private parts, maintaining the pH level of the private parts as a weak acid, which can effectively prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Excessive cleansing of the private parts will upset the pH balance of the private parts and destroy the bacteria that can maintain an acidic environment, resulting in an imbalance of the bacterial flora.

Some women, in particular, wash their private parts every day with a private cleansing solution, even douching inside their private parts. This kind of excessive cleaning may seem clean, but it is actually very dangerous for women’s health and increases the risk of getting bacterial vaginosis.

Frequent over-cleaning of the intimate parts of the body can accelerate the loss of moisturizing factors and wash away components that are beneficial to the body, resulting in the loss of the natural protective barrier and causing dryness and itching.

Therefore, frequent over-cleaning of the private parts is not beneficial.

How often is it reasonable to wash your private parts?

A woman’s private parts have some secretions every day and due to the close proximity of the private parts to the urethra, it is also easy for urine to remain in the private parts. As a result, women’s private parts are susceptible to bacterial infections.

Experts warn that it is best to wash your private parts once a day with clean, warm water, but there is no need for additional products. If necessary, it should also be used at the discretion of the doctor’s advice. In addition, if there are no special circumstances, it is best not to wash inside the private parts.

How do women properly care for their private parts?

In addition to the issue of cleanliness, private parts should also be taken care of, here are a few ways to care for women’s private parts.

Choosing to wear cotton underpants

The skin of the private part is very delicate, cotton panties are the best protection for the private part, wearing synthetic panties and tight jeans can lead to poor ventilation of the private part. Plus, the high temperature of the body and the humid environment of the private part of the body can easily breed bacteria and cause vaginitis. Women’s underwear should be changed daily and washed separately, and then left in the sun to avoid cross infection.

Changing sanitary napkins frequently during menstruation

During menstruation, women must take better care of their private parts, the most important of which is to change sanitary napkins frequently, because during menstruation, women will have a large amount of menstrual blood on the sanitary napkins, and the temperature of the private parts is high, which is ideal for the breeding of bacteria, if you do not change the sanitary napkins frequently, it is easy to breed a large number of bacteria. During your period, it’s best to change your sanitary napkins every 3 hours, or more often if you have a lot of menstrual blood.

Use pads sparingly.

Many women are accustomed to using pads in general, thinking that it is both convenient and clean, but because of the poor breathability of pads, frequent use of pads can easily make the private parts become a breeding ground for bacteria, but also easy to stimulate the private parts, causing itching.

Therefore, the pads can not be used, and daily change of underwear can be.

In addition to the private parts, there are other places on the body that should not be too clean, such as the ears and belly button, some people like to pull out the ears and belly button clean. Some people like to keep their ears and belly button clean. But frequent emptying of the ears can affect the moisturization of the ear canal, which can cause dryness and even damage hearing. These areas are best not cleaned often.

It’s good to be clean, but it’s not good to be too clean either.