NYT: You can tell who to vote for in the election by the food in your fridge

Less than a week before the US election, the New York Times launched an online test to determine who to support based on the “refrigerator inventory” uploaded by Internet users, sparking controversy.

The results of the test showed that Trump supporters tend to store cheap food such as fried chicken, butter, mashed potatoes, salad and beer in their refrigerators, while Biden supporters are apparently more “refined,” with some participants posting refrigerator inventory that includes inexpensive organic milk, yogurt, bagels and pickles.

The test made some American netizens feel uncomfortable, have criticized the “New York Times” in the manufacture of “class discrimination”, divide American society. It has also been suggested that the survey reflects the recent struggles of some people to make ends meet: as many as 12 per cent of respondents said they had recently run out of food, and the lack of stock in their refrigerators was reflected in both groups.