Defense Ministry: China offers stern representations on Canadian warship crossing Taiwan Strait

On the afternoon of October 29, the Ministry of National Defense held a regular press conference, the director of the Ministry of National Defense Information Bureau, the Ministry of National Defense spokesman, Wu Qian Qiang Qiang.

The Canadian defense minister said this month that NATO needs to “monitor” China’s activities because China’s “performance in the South China Sea is worrisome,” according to media reports; and according to Taiwanese media reports, the Canadian navy’s missile frigate crossed the Taiwan Strait during China’s National Day. Does the spokesman have any comments on this?

A: Canada is thousands of miles away from the South China Sea region. As an extra-territorial country, the Canadian side’s irresponsible remarks and groundless accusations against China are indeed worrisome. We also remind the Canadian side to take a serious look at itself before clamoring for surveillance of other countries.

Regarding the high-profile crossing of the Taiwan Strait by the Canadian warship and its provocative behavior during the crossing, we consider it an unfriendly gesture. China has made serious representations to the Canadian side. Undoubtedly, this has aggravated the already difficult military relations between China and Canada. We call on the Canadian side to adopt a responsible attitude and to exercise prudence in its words and actions so as not to jeopardize the common interests of China and Canada and regional peace and stability.