Outside the U.S., why Ukraine is fighting Biden

Recently, the Trump camp got a godsend from the Ukrainian government. On December 25, Christmas, the Ukrainian government held a press conference and gave a big gift to both Trump and Biden, only that Trump received the gift very well, but Biden did not receive it so well.

In the hour-long press conference, the Ukrainian government confirmed Biden’s collusion with the former president of Ukraine and the former government’s corrupt practices, and released the recordings of Biden’s phone calls with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and also showed the bank transfer records with Biden’s son Hunter. The release accuses Biden of being involved in billions of dollars of corrupt transactions between the U.S. and Ukraine and profiting from them by at least $3.4 million.

A Ukrainian spokesman said the press conference was held to reveal new facts about international corruption that have ties to the Ukrainian government and abroad. The spokesman said that the press conference had been leaked before the day because the facts to be revealed had led to sanctions by some government departments of the United States. It was clearly pointed out that the U.S. Treasury Department had imposed sanctions on Ukraine at the request of the Democratic Senators. Therefore, some people and government agencies in the United States do not want Ukraine to release this information, but the Ukrainian government insists on releasing this material because it is about the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, and there is a sufficient amount of witnesses, testimonies, and evidence that should be returned to the billions of dollars of wealth that belongs to the Ukrainian people.

The Ukrainian press conference revealed the following three main points.

  1. There is a lot of evidence to prove that the corrupt elements inside and outside the country have stolen a large amount of wealth from the Ukrainian people by means of internal and external collusion, and this wealth has flowed out of Ukraine in the form of money laundering through financial black holes with the help of various banks and legal loopholes. The laundered wealth eventually flowed to the Biden family’s bank account. In the phone call, Biden nakedly asked the Ukrainian president to replace the attorney general who was investigating his son, Hunter, and threatened him with U.S. aid. Soon after, Poroshenko replaced the attorney general and ended the investigation into Hunter. A Ukrainian spokesman said that these recordings proved the collusion between the Ukrainian government and foreign countries at that time.
  2. They are going to reveal the huge amount of corrupt schemes to steal Ukraine’s coal and natural gas resources, for which the Ukrainian people have to pay a whopping 30% energy tax.

Moreover, the highest level of the Ukrainian government and some people and government departments in the United States are involved in these corrupt schemes. All of these allegations point to Biden as the mastermind, and his son, Hunter, as the puppet and executor in the foreground.

The news quickly hit the top of the Twitter news list, and also spread on the oil pipe, and not surprisingly, the related video was blocked by a large number of youtube. But there are too many people spreading the word, and the blocking can’t be finished.

Why does the Ukrainian government continue to jump out to fight against Biden when Biden seems to be a foregone conclusion? Before, Biden was already listed as an international wanted criminal. Now, the release will further escalate the situation, as if it will not stop until death.

In my opinion, behind this should be the political tug-of-war between the United States and Russia. It is well known that the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is pro-US. After Crimea’s referendum to leave Ukraine and join Russia in 2014, the eastern part of the two countries have been in armed conflict for a long time. The current president of Ukraine, President Zelensky, came to power in 2019 and is committed to restoring the relationship between Ukraine and Russia. He has reached a consensus with Putin on a series of issues such as natural gas, Crimea and the Eastern conflict, and the relationship between the two countries has entered a more stable period.

Therefore, the press conference organized by the current Ukrainian government should be “Xiang Zhuang’s sword dance with the intention of the public”, ostensibly against the United States and Biden, but in fact to liquidate the political enemy: the former president. The government of any country is not exempt from this. This is of course unacceptable and intolerable to the current president Zelenski, who must be knocked to the ground and put on a foot, so that he can never be re-elected.

The government of Zelenski has given Trump a big vote of confidence. If Trump is re-elected, you can imagine that Zelenski’s government will be able to make use of the US and Russia in the future, not too much moisture, and Ukraine will have an unprecedented favorable international environment. Ukraine’s current government should also have a good plan.

Will this shot hit the bull’s eye? How effective will it be? Let’s wait and see.