Xie Tian: Who gave the order to stop counting in the middle of the night?

U.S. President Donald Trump posted a video on his Facebook account before Christmas, detailing some specific examples of election fraud, describing his determination to firmly uphold the dignity of the U.S. Constitution and defend the truth, and stating that he would never tolerate the left-wing stealing the election and jeopardizing the cornerstone of American democracy. Unsurprisingly, the video, which is only 14 minutes long, was completely blocked by the mainstream media and the version on the oil tube was taken down. But the pro-Trump American public, and people from all countries, have retweeted it, giving the world a deeper understanding of the surprising scale of the fraud, and the vile, arrogant and shameless nature of the fraudsters.

The communist evil, the left wing, the left media, and the deep government expected Trump to tie his hands and acquiesce to the illusion of victory caused by the fraud, so that Americans would give up hope, give up resistance, give up conscience and justice, and muddle through. But they played the wrong game and underestimated the courage and will of the forces of justice. Stopping theft, setting things right, and even martial law to quell the rebellion should all be options for Trump, who of course exhausted all avenues of justice in the first place and will maintain the freedom of choice.

In this truth video Trump emphasizes that his camp won the election with a substantial lead, but that the left-wing forces and pro-communist elements in American politics stole the election. He cites dominant vote positions achieved in key states such as Florida and Iowa, where previous U.S. presidential candidates have never won but lost national elections. Trump cited the voting figures of 19 counties across the U.S. known as weathervanes, which are counties/counties whose previous voting results are weathervane, meaning they are representative of the results of general elections across the U.S. Of the 19 weathervane counties, 18 had voting results that pointed to Trump winning the U.S. election.

In the evening count on Nov. 3, by the time the count stopped, Trump had a substantial lead over Biden in all the swing states such as Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, etc. The lead ranged from tens of thousands to over 100,000, a very clear trend. But the most bizarre thing happened on the night of the 3rd, in the middle of the night, when the counting in many swing states was suddenly called off, the Republican counting staff was sent home, and then there was an amazing midnight slam dunk, a big reversal! Tens and hundreds of thousands of Biden votes were suddenly counted into the system, immediately changing the election results. The following morning Biden’s bizarre lead left the world jaw-dropping.

Remarkably, Trump, in recounting these midnight vote spoils, clearly stated the precise time when the spoils occurred! This authenticates the observation and speculation that the U.S. federal government is indeed keeping precise records of the states’ vote counts, recording the exact time the fraudulent vote spoils entered the system. Trump also said that the claim by Georgia Democratic vote counting officials that a water pipe burst was simply false and created an opportunity for cheating and vote spoiling! Trump also clearly pointed out the involvement of Dominion (Multi-Cat) Voting Systems, Inc. and the company’s ties to foreign governments, especially the Chinese Communist regime. Trump says that rigging this election is just the final step in what the left wing of the Democratic Party, the high-tech giants, and the degenerate media have been planning since 2016.

In my opinion, one of the simplest judgments of fraud is to start with logic and common sense and look at the facts and figures that have been accepted by both sides and are not in dispute to determine whether there was fraud in this year’s election: there are 3,006 counties (counties) in the 50 states of the United States, plus dozens of urban areas called in different ways. When Barack Obama was elected president, he won 873 counties and received 69 million popular votes. President Trump’s vote this year, regardless of the swing state vote, and just from the number of votes confirmed for Trump so far, he won 2497 counties and received 74 million popular votes. And Biden? He won just 477 counties and is described as having received 80 million people’s popular vote! This is all statistically impossible and totally un-American common sense! And if to this day there are still people who refuse to acknowledge that fraud occurred, or even to question the election results a bit, then it’s really not a matter of cognitive ability, but rather a matter of moral ground.

As many netizens and tweeters have pointed out, the controversy surrounding the election results is really a question of whether people are willing to face the truth. People who are reckless with the truth, pushing that they only believe in the mainstream media, are refusing to watch, accept, believe and thus reject the truth about the mountain of fraudulent facts. This is clearly not a matter of cognitive ability or judgment, but a matter of morality and moral righteousness, of people’s willingness to accept the truth, to recognize the magnitude of the moral decline in society, and to recognize the full extent of the infiltration of communist evil throughout the world.

Back to Trump’s point about the cheating vote that stopped the count in the middle of the night and then there was a massive, lopsided vote for Biden. This fraud involved the decisions of the counting center managers, the operations of the counting staff, and the software and hardware operations of the Dominion (multi-cat) voting system company. If you add in the possible cover-up, concealment, and destruction of evidence by county and state officials after the fraud occurred, the number of people involved could be in the thousands, tens of thousands, or more. The sudden stopping of vote counting in the middle of the night happened in all six swing states, and all within the time frame of midnight to early morning. So, who was it? Who was it that issued this directive? Called off the count? In previous U.S. elections, the counting of votes has been done continuously and overnight until the results are in.

Who gave the order to stop the count in the middle of the night? Some say it’s a million-dollar question. This is a common expression in American English for a question that is very important, very critical, very difficult to answer, or the answer to which is confusing. To say that it is a million-dollar question is an understatement when you consider that it concerns the future and destiny of the United States, and even the future of the world, and that it is perhaps a 20-trillion-dollar question! ($20 trillion is a year’s worth of U.S. GDP).

Why is this issue so critical? Because the person who gave the order to stop the count in the middle of the night is the suspected number one criminal directly directing the fraud! If this person has a direct connection to Biden, or if Biden knows about this person’s actions, Biden is tantamount to participating in the fraud and also directly benefiting from the fraud.

On a Voice of Hope TV program in late December, the question of whether it is too late for Trump to set things right, clear up the fraud, and be successfully elected to a second term was discussed with the host. Trump’s acting attorney general may change the inaction of former Attorney General Barr and appoint a special prosecutor. But the special prosecutor’s investigation, which may be protracted, will not help. So the author’s view is that it should be possible to get the DOJ and FBI to go out directly by a faster and more direct way to seize and obtain the voting machines and data of all the disputed states to find out the manipulators behind the fraud and unearth the connection between the operators and the beneficiaries. That would have ended the battle quickly, bringing the election controversy to an end and keeping America from falling into a constitutional crisis.

The man who was able to call off the counting of votes in several states and order the Dominion (multi-cat) voting system to start cheating and vote spoiling may have more power and influence than one can imagine! Is he one person or a group of people? What is his relationship with the Biden camp? What is the relationship with the deep government, the Washington swamp, the world government, the mysterious global plutocracy? Because once this person who gave the order is revealed, it may unveil one of the biggest mysteries and lead directly to the most critical question of whether and how the Biden team, as beneficiaries of the fraud, was involved in the fraud, or not. If the answer to this question is yes, Biden will not only be completely unrelated to the presidency, but will also bear the legal consequences.