A look at the performance of naturalized players in the 15th round of the Chinese Super League, 2 potential naturalize

  1. Eckerson, 90 minutes, 1 goal.
  2. Jiang Guangtai, 90 minutes, 5 interceptions, 4 breakups, 2 steals
  3. Li Ke 83 minutes 3 steals 2 dangerous passes
  4. Fernando 45 min. Indirect cross from the bottom for a goal.
  5. Allan Substitute did not play.
  6. Goulart did not play due to recusal clause
  7. L.K. Loh not on the list.
  8. Hou Yongyong not on the roster

These are the specific data of the naturalized players in this round, the overall performance is average. Four players, Alan, Goulart, Luo Guofu and Hou Yongyong, were unable to make an appearance due to various reasons, and the other four players who played had three starters and one substitute, and performed well, all contributing to the team to varying degrees!

It is worth mentioning that two potential naturalized players, Teixeira and Kardec, have performed well, scoring one goal each in the 1-1 Chongqing match that ended last night in Suning, becoming the thighs of their respective teams.

In September 18, FIFA introduced the latest naturalization policy, the Chinese Super League has many foreign players have met the naturalization conditions, and Teixeira and Calderick is the best of them, Calderick is pure power of the center forward, scoring ability, Teixeira can temporarily make up for the absence of Gaolat vacancy, both can pass and shoot. The two were also teammates in the 2009 World Youth Championship Brazil, where Kardec scored four goals and Teixeira three, and Teixeira won the Silver Ball award!

According to the official microblogging news of Football News, the naturalization of Teixeira is still in the game, while Kardec has recently been spotted by a southern team.

Teixeira in February 2021, Calderick in July 2021, both come to China full five years, if the naturalization procedures go smoothly, when the two can represent the national football team, fans and friends, you look forward to it?