Defense Ministry: Rendering so-called ‘China threat’ a poor excuse for U.S. defense budget bid

On the afternoon of October 29, the Ministry of National Defense held a regular press conference, the director of the Defense Ministry Information Bureau, the Ministry of National Defense spokesman, Colonel Wu Qian answered reporters’ questions.

Reporter: According to media reports, U.S. Secretary of Defense Esper recently said that “China and Russia have become close to the United States of America’s evenly matched adversaries,” the U.S. side especially needs adequate budget to meet the challenges from China. Esper also demanded that half of the courses at the U.S. National Defense University must be about China. Any comment on this?

Wu Qian: We firmly oppose the United States statement that it is full of cold-war thinking and zero-sum games. In recent years, the so-called “China threat” has become a poor excuse for the United States defence department to fight for its defence budget, and China has repeatedly refuted this. As for the so-called “even-handedness”, China has a clear understanding of its own level of construction and development, and any attempt to deceive China or the international community will not succeed.