After the F-5E crashed, the Taiwanese Army says it wants to retire them all by 2024.

According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan’s “Air Force” 7th Wing pilot Zhu Guan-rien pilot F-5E fighter jet crashed in the morning of October 29, off the coast of Taitung and lost his life. According to the Taiwan army data, the number “5261” F-5E fighter aircraft factory nearly 40 years, flight hours 6,260 hours, high age is the cause of the accident is concerned.

The F-5Es have not exceeded the original specifications, and the F-5Es will gradually take over the training mission of the F-5 fighter force from next year onwards.

Taiwan’s “Air Force” also said in a press release issued on the evening of October 29th, the current implementation of Taiwan’s new advanced training aircraft progress in accordance with the schedule, will be delivered in mass production from 2021, according to the plan, the phase-out of the F-5E/F-type fighter aircraft work is expected to be completed in 2024.

The Taiwanese Army also stated that during the year 2000, it had completed structural strengthening operations for the F-5 fighter jet, and that the life cycle flight hours for the single-seat (F-5E) aircraft were 14,779 hours and 30,000 hours for the two-seat (F-5F) aircraft, and that the average flight hours of the Taiwanese Army’s F-5 fighter jet were 7,825 hours, which did not exceed the original U.S. specifications.

In the F-5E fighter crash accident happened, Taiwan media also picked up the aircraft in Taiwan service process of the “black history”, the F-5 series fighter accident in Taiwan service for more than 40 years, since 2001, a total of 8 accidents, in which the F-5F two-seat type mostly.

At present, the Taiwan army’s F-5/F series fighter jets are mainly in the 737th Taitung Chihang base, a few allocated to the 401st Hualien base, mainly as the Taiwan army’s new pilots advanced flight training tasks, and shoulder part of the air defense patrol, alert and reconnaissance photography tasks.