How to set the Baidu map traffic light countdown method?

How do I use the Baidu Maps traffic light countdown setting? The colors of the signals, and a few seconds are presented, will greatly improve the passing process. The introduction of the new feature, convenient for drivers to operate, go in the map to use some.

Baidu map settings open traffic light countdown display method

To solve the driving pains, Maps has launched a special “traffic light countdown” feature, which can display the remaining seconds of light change in the driving navigation, helping users to more reasonable predictive operation, reduce violations and traffic accidents caused by emergency braking and other actions to improve the efficiency of traffic.

Baidu Maps will automatically display the traffic light countdown in the corresponding direction on the navigation page when the user approaches the intersection while driving. When you know the number of seconds remaining, you can reduce your speed or get ready to start in advance based on your current speed and distance, which not only improves the efficiency of the intersection, but also reduces traffic accidents.

In addition, the “traffic light countdown” feature can help users predict how many rounds of traffic lights they will need to wait for at a particular intersection based on road conditions, easing the anxiety caused by the unknown.

The feature is now available in Beijing, Changsha, Baoding, Zhengzhou and other cities, adding to Baidu Maps’ accurate navigation experience. As a new generation of artificial intelligence map, Baidu Maps is more accurate, richer and easier to use.

In terms of “accuracy”, Baidu Maps continuously relies on AI to provide accurate navigation throughout the entire process, from intelligent positioning to get rid of the dependence on satellite signals, and from the accurate estimation of arrival time to the global route from God’s perspective. Planning. Baidu Maps enhances users’ driving experience while helping to manage urban traffic and make it smoother.