Chinese and U.S. research teams team up for rescue in Antarctica, Foreign Ministry responds

On December 24, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin hosted a regular press conference.

A reporter asked, according to reports, recently, Chinese and American research teams are working together in Antarctica to rescue and return to Australia an Australian research team member who suddenly fell ill. Kim Ellis, a director of the Australian Antarctic Project, said she was grateful for the international rescue effort to help evacuate the Australian team member and said the operation was a testament to the strong international cooperation that exists in Antarctica. Countries are coming together to support each other in a challenging environment. What does the spokesperson have to say about this?

Wang Wenbin said, I have noticed the reports. It is understood that the relevant Chinese authorities are actively coordinating with relevant parties the rescue program for the sick Australian people. China is willing to provide active assistance to this end. We wish the sick people from Australia a speedy recovery.