The “dampness secrets” of health care on a hot day can be reliable?

The city Ms. Liu: Although it has been autumn but still in the “vol”, the weather is still hot and unbearable, I see a lot of people in the circle of friends are circulating some of the so-called volatile health secrets, which particularly emphasize to dispel moisture, but also provide a lot of dispel moisture “secrets”, these contents are reliable?

“Summer life point question service” column reporter: city health management association health experts stone meteorite reminded, friends circle in some “get rid of moisture secret” is not very reliable.

You’ll want to get rid of dampness light eat spicy no use

There are many so-called summer health “secrets” in the circle of friends, many of them mention the concept of “expectorant dampness”, and special emphasis on eating spicy can expectorant dampness. Experts say that eating chili peppers can indeed sweat out dampness. But Chinese medicine believes that most of the dampness and spleen transport function, and sweating relationship is not big, so Chinese medicine is more emphasis on strengthening the spleen and dampness.

People can eat warming ingredients such as Poria, Chen Pi, and red dates on a daily basis; patients with Qi deficiency who usually sweat a lot and have repeated colds can eat yam and jujube; people with poor appetite can eat appetizing foods such as hawthorn. If you have the conditions, you can also eat some bitter food, this kind of food also has the role of eliminating summer dampness and laxative fire to store yin.

Deep can marks do not mean heavy dampness

Experts, some of the so-called health “secret” emphasis on “cupping can eliminate dampness and detoxification. In fact, the main effect of cupping is to activate the meridians, qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain, diarrhea and so on. Therefore, cupping is commonly used for neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain and other conditions.

The so-called “can seal deep dampness on behalf of heavy,” said there is no scientific basis. After cupping, the skin color is dark and light, red and purple, in fact, these are related to the negative pressure of cupping. Fire cupping negative pressure is high, after cupping left a mark on the skin dark color, while bamboo cans, home pumping canisters, etc., negative pressure is relatively small, after cupping left a mark on the skin naturally shallow color. These have nothing to do with the severity of the moisture.

Exercise is the best way to get rid of dampness.

Experts suggest that people with heavy dampness should exercise more on a daily basis, and the less you like to exercise, the more dampness will accumulate in your body. Adhere to the exercise can effectively speed up blood circulation and metabolism, promote moisture discharge, running, biking, swimming, playing tai chi are all good ways to exercise. In addition, do not stay in a damp, cold environment for a long time, more out of the sun. At the same time, pay attention to a light diet, and eat less fatty foods that are difficult to digest.