Chilly winter foot soak busy, wait! After soaking and pressing these acupuncture points, you can still recover from arthritis?

Winter is here and it’s cold, so everyone wants to soak their feet before going to bed.

A foot soak is really comfortable.

The water, slightly hot, full when drowned to the ankles (a little bit of dirt can even soak the knees with it), suddenly all the body pores open, sweat beads slightly refreshing out, all the joints of the body a section of relaxation, really comfortable beyond words!

Soak your feet and go to bed, sleep till dawn, refreshed and energized!

However, if you have arthritis, don’t forget to massage the following acupuncture points after soaking your feet oh!

At this point, some of you are asking, why do you need a massage after soaking your feet?

This is because the foot soak stimulates the six main meridians in the feet, including the three yang meridian end points (bladder/stomach/gall bladder) and the three yin meridian beginnings (spleen/liver/kidney). The meridians are stimulated, blood circulation began to move up, this time, not only can play a role in activating blood circulation, Tongluo, paralysis and pain relief, for arthritis site pain relief as well as inflammatory edema absorption subsided, also has a certain role in helping.

So, after soaking your feet, the pain in your joints will be relieved and you will no longer feel so painful and stiff. At this time, in the view of Chinese medicine, it is really the “golden fifteen minutes” for acupoint stimulation and massage! Because at this time, our feet on the 6 main meridians are “live”, and the major foot acupuncture points are wide open, in the “you give it what it accepts the whole” state!

So, we all know that after soaking the feet must be careful not to blow the wind can not be cold, lest the wind and cold damp evil invasion. But, on the other hand, think about it, if we soak our feet, while the iron is hot, massage the major points on the feet, will not have a better effect?

So, it’s now or never! Let’s get a massage!

First of all, we will start by rubbing the Spring Point.

We usually press and rub more, but after soaking our feet, because the acupuncture points are open, the meridians have already started to run, so we mainly “rub” them to help the qi and blood flow and alleviate blockages.

The method of rubbing is also very simple, with the palm of the forefoot, which is the location of the Yongquan point, while the heat fast friction, each foot rubbed about 100 times, until the foot red and hot until.

Then, press on the left and right Foot Sanli.

Foot Sanli is one of the main points of the “Foot Yangming Stomach Meridian”. It is located on the outside of the calf, 3 inches below the calf’s nose, calf’s nose and on the line of Xiexi, superficial cloth with the gastrocnemius lateral cutaneous nerve. The deeper layer has branches or genus branches of the anterior tibial artery and vein. Gastrointestinal diseases, lower limb impotence paralysis, neurological diseases, surgical disorders, deficiency of the evidence.

We massage by pressing and releasing the feet with our fingers, one at a time, while the soaking is hot, for 36 times. The left and right sides of the exchange, help to activate blood and remove blood stasis, which is conducive to the absorption of inflammatory edema in the arthritis site and pain relief.

After soaking your feet, don’t immediately go to bed, but while it’s hot so rub and press, not only can promote the recovery of arthritis, for arthritis, the surrounding ligaments, joint capsule spasm relief, also has a very good effect! So, don’t waste the “golden fifteen minutes” after soaking your feet while they’re hot! A massage at this time of year kills two birds with one stone!