Does black tea refresh you? Can I drink it on an empty stomach?

Black tea is refreshing, but not as effective as green tea, Sheng Pu, or new white tea. Tea has been known since ancient times to clear the mind and awaken lethargy, which is refreshing. Like coffee, tea refreshment works mainly through caffeine.

And according to experimental data, black tea is actually not low in caffeine, but it seems to be less energizing than green tea. This may be due to the fact that during the tea making process, the caffeine is combined with other ingredients that alter the efficiency or rate of absorption of the caffeine in the body.

Black tea is not suitable for drinking on an empty stomach, and it should be said that no matter what kind of tea you drink, it is not recommended. Some elderly people drink tea on an empty stomach after waking up, which is a bad habit. Tea has the effect of helping digestion, but fasting tea will only hinder digestion, no other effect. The ancients said: “fasting tea, such as the poor into the poor house, nothing to gain”.

Some say that drinking tea in the morning on an empty stomach cleanses the stomach and digests last night’s undigested food. Stomach acid is actually a good disinfectant, and the acidity of the tea broth is only a few thousandths of stomach acid. After drinking tea on an empty stomach, dilute the stomach acid, but reduce the disinfectant function of stomach acid. Drinking tea on an empty stomach can even cause palpitations, headaches, stomach upset.