Be aware that these daily habits can allow moisture to sneak up on your healthy body

These things that you don’t care about but have been hiding in your body, moisture! It is often said that “three feet of ice is not one day cold”, the formation of moisture is a. After years of accumulation, so you have to be prepared to fight a long battle. After years of accumulation, so you have to be ready to fight a long battle psychological preparation, and speed is not enough.

Without further ado, do you know what are the daily actions that produce moisture? I have come up with the following eleven habits that allow moisture to quietly hide and stay in your body.

The first habit: because your mouth likes it, you like to drink cold drinks and ice water a lot.

You know what? First of all, cold drinks are inherently cold, and when they enter our body slowly, they harm our yang energy, the nemesis of dampness. If your yang energy is strong, there will be less dampness, and vice versa. It’s like when we see the sun coming up, the damp earth will start to dry out and the moisture will slowly become less, in fact it’s the same with people.

Especially for those of you who are born with a Yin constitution, please don’t let our bodies warm up those cold drinks, you, who are smart and intelligent, will let the outside world warm up our bodies, right? You can think about it in detail, is it so …..

The second habit: to lose weight, you can skip your main meal all day but replace it with fruit.

You know what? Why is rice the staple food in the south of China, while noodles are more often the staple food in the north? The reason why fruits cannot replace the staple food is because fruits are only complementary foods to the grains. Especially when the weather is cold, it must be according to your body condition, if your body is very good, spleen and stomach yang energy, you can eat some appropriate, if the spleen and stomach is weak, then try to eat more warm food.

Third habit: eating sweets often because you like them very much

You know what? In fact, in today’s society, there is no one who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. Especially when you are in a bad mood, sweets can give you a sense of instant pleasure. From a health and wellness point of view, eating sweet and light food can replenish the spleen and strengthen the spleen, such as five grains, pregnant yam, the artificially created kind of sweet and greasy food will only hurt the spleen, hurt the spleen will produce moisture in your body, remember more than is too much.

Fourth lifestyle: If you want quick results, choose to take some anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and fluids.

You know what? Anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics are very cold, especially infusions of cold liquid directly into our bloodstream, which can harm our yang energy. And antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are very bitter, long-term use will damage the spleen and stomach, the more the spleen and stomach injury, the more moisture will naturally increase. So, don’t use these in your daily life until you have to take them.

Fifth lifestyle habit: Always consume tonic medicines, regardless of whether your body is tonic or not.

You know what? In fact, the tonic is suitable for really weak people to eat, make up or do not need to make up people eat digestion can not only produce waste, will form phlegm dampness.

The sixth habit: often because they do not want to eat, let the stomach hungry, hungry after a few meals to eat very full at once!

You know what? It can also hurt your spleen and stomach if your eating habits are irregular. Especially nowadays, many people choose not to eat breakfast, eat at noon, and eat in the evening. You don’t realize that this habit completely reverses the laws of nature, the morning yang energy is the most vigorous, the spleen and stomach transportation ability is also the strongest, breakfast must try to eat well, at noon you eat seven minutes full, at night yang energy is relatively weak, the spleen and stomach transportation also begins to weaken, the most suitable for light diet, also easy to fall asleep.

Seventh habit: Eating spicy and fatty foods because your mouth wants a heavier taste to stimulate it.

You know what? Now a lot of both men and women like greasy and stimulating food, especially in the dinner or snack time, choose to eat greasy and spicy food, do not believe you can look around this kind of people, because the spleen and stomach can not transport these foods, so long-term will, resulting in the accumulation of more and more damp phlegm in the body.

Eighth habit: especially the current work habits, often sitting, and usually do not like exercise

You know what? The nature of many jobs nowadays is to sit in an office for long periods of time, which is very damaging to our spleen if we don’t move around at the right time. If the spleen is deficient, the dampness can’t be vaporized into nourishing fluids with nutrients, the body can’t eliminate wastes and excess waste water, and sometimes you may even urinate frequently while thirsty.

Ninth Habit: Often the mind is heavy with thoughts and thinks more, and is always stuck in dead ends and can’t think clearly
Be aware that these daily habits can allow moisture to sneak up on your health
You know what? Long-term excessive thinking will also hurt the spleen, or how to say “bad temper”, gas are bad will let themselves into the body, spleen but not transport, and then accumulate into moisture.

Tenth habit: Some people don’t let out their qi, and then sulk alone, which will make their body unstable in the long run.
You know what? If you allow yourself to be angry with others around you, you will hurt them, and if you are very angry with yourself but you don’t let it out, you will hurt yourself. For example, if we live in a house and the room is damp, if you let the air circulate, the dampness will dissipate naturally. The same applies to our bodies. Over the long term, this will lead to stagnation, so you need to find your own ways to release your emotions.

Eleventh habit: It’s hard to get summer here, and it’s supposed to be a good time to detoxify through sweating, which others often do, but you don’t!

You know what? In fact, summer is the best time to get rid of moisture, when the weather becomes hot, let our body pores open, so that we sweat to get rid of moisture through detoxification. For example, our side of the air conditioning, the original body moisture has been discharged to the surface of the skin, and we after a cold and a hot, air conditioning cold air to the body of moisture into the body again, plus the air conditioning doubled the body moisture heavier, repeated vicious cycle. In the long run, the body will send us a variety of uncomfortable signals to alert us.

Well, to conclude here, that more than the production of moisture habits, you account for a few of it? Are you trying to keep yourself wet?