A promoter from the Police Alliance suspected of being infected with an epidemic and died from an organizational death “Knight”

A promoter from the Police Major League and justice League, who supported Carrie Lam’s government and 30,000 police officers, collapsed in his apartment yesterday and died. He was 56 years old. The patient was initially positive for coronavirus and the cause of death was confirmed by autopsy and referred to the coroner for follow-up. Leung Mei-fen, a pro-Beijing legislator, described the loss of a “knightly woman” to the establishment. However, In an article titled “The Passing of the Actor,” Mr. Law pointed out that Mr. Li was an “opportunist who joined the establishment purely for money and fortune.”

According to apple Daily, she was sick with fever recently and thought she was suffering from cold and flu. She had tested negative for the virus. After seeing a doctor, she recovered from the symptoms at home without being admitted to the office.

Weisan collapsed in her apartment in Xincun, Yuangang at around 12pm. Her 53-year-old husband Xiewang called the police for help. Two army police officers from Pat Heung Police station were present for investigation. Ambulance attendants arrived and rushed him to Buu Oi Hospital. He was confirmed dead by 1.30pm. Xie weisong reported to the police that she was suffering from heart disease. However, on her arrival, the weisong found her weisong with symptoms of lung disease and shortness of breath. She was in critical condition. Meanwhile, AED machine was used to resuscitate the heartbeat, but the effect was not obvious, and the final rescue was invalid and confirmed to be dead.

The hospital said on Monday evening that all the medical staff wore protective equipment during the rescue. No medical staff were classified as close contacts. The patients had been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and the emergency room service was not affected. The police also said that the five police officers handling the incident were wearing masks and appropriate protective equipment at the time. The other six officers had worked with the five. As a precaution, the 11 police officers were arranged to stay at home and undergo virus testing.

He belongs to the “action faction” of the establishment. After forming the police Grand Coalition in 2014, he joined in the Blue Silk movement, including establishing the Justice Grand Coalition. He acted aggressively, including taking off his mask and Shouting abuse at opposition lawmakers at close quarters.

Weisong had been employed by her on a part-time basis as a counsellor on education policy. In connection with his education, he supported through the national Education Section. On several occasions, he snipped from the teacher who had been arguing with the officer. Through her Facebook page, Mei-fen Liang weisong pointed out that he had suddenly left without any explanation. She also pointed out that he was acting as a “loyal, honest, talented, courageous and sincere friend”.

He also reported that he was an opportunist in the establishment camp for money and opportunity. Luo pointed out that just died of Miss Li, always look on superiority but can not advance, think that all the failure is because no met Bole, nobody appreciated; But when the “Blue Silk” camp has a gap to attract camera shots (and some cheap applause), Ms Li is on her way to becoming a cover for the second (vested interests) and the third (genuine communists).

Weisyan had been involved in a money debt dispute, was accused of embezzling public funds to line their own pockets, the family has a new husband and stepson quarrel broke out “stepchild” fight. In any case, he was strongly attached to his employer and supported both the police and Lam. He also hated the defenders of the Democratic Party. His final message on Facebook was from December 12, where he accused Leung of running away from Hong Kong to seek refuge in the United States. “America is indeed a haven for Hong Kong fugitives! What a good thing! The future depends on how exciting these criminals’ lives will be. Ha ha!