Together with Republicans in both chambers, they will challenge the electoral College result that “Solarwind” has been censored for national security reasons

Dominion (Dominion) Dominion Is making a cover for itself after the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security (CISA) issued an emergency order to shut down its Dominion Voting machine connected “Orion Network” by hackers on December 14.

The mainstream media has gone against the tide of public opinion and avoided talking about election fraud, becoming propaganda tools for the Communist Party and globalists. Trump tweeted that 92 percent of Republican voters believe the election was rigged.

Refusing to give up, Republicans in both chambers will join forces to challenge the electoral College results.

The 610 of the CPC Central Committee overruled the public prosecutor’s office and brazenly persecuted the Falun Gong, whose perpetrators face global sanctions. Some members of the 610 Shanghai group have been revealed.

Trump: ninety-two percent of Republican voters think the election is rigged

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“Poll: 92% of Republican voters think the election is rigged!” US President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday.

Lynwood: The mainstream media are propaganda tools for communists and globalists

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On Wednesday afternoon, a prominent U.S. lawyer, Robert Lynwood, wrote a post criticizing the mainstream U.S. media.

“Mainstream media in the US is a propaganda tool of the COMMUNIST Party/globalist/CIA. The mainstream media has created the so-called “Trump disorder syndrome” to divide the country. Too many Americans have been played and brainwashed by four years of propaganda.”

Lynwood’s tweet was in response to a post earlier today by Trump’s lawyer, Ellis, who slammed the mainstream media for consistently lying about Trump and those around him.

“Solarwind” suspected of being a national security threat, the Dominion quickly deleted information

The department of homeland security’s cyber security and infrastructure security agency issued a rare emergency order on December 14 to tell all federal agencies using solarwind’s OrionNetwork products to disconnect them as malicious foreign cyber hackers use the OrionNetwork to steal and access data information.

And it was discovered that The company had deleted all information about The Solar wind from its website to hide the connection.

“Dominion has removed references and links to Solarwind from its website, but we still have archived materials,” tweeted Ron.

According to the “expert” Gateway (Gateway Pundit) reported that three to five months of this year, malicious software through the “solar wind” official update directly into the system, the center of the infected with the “network”, caused by foreign hackers have full permissions, can enter and Orion all systems connected to the network activities, including reading and writing software, add or remove programs and data, as well as the monitoring network, etc. Any computer connected to an infected network can be fully accessed by a foreign hacker.

And the Dominion Voting system, the most important for election fraud this year, is also a user of the Solarwind Orion Network. This also provides a possible entry point for foreign forces to interfere in the American election through the Dominion system.

One IT professional explained that Solarwind has a scripting tool that automates task scheduling and configuration management. If you have 1,000 or more voting machines scattered around the country, you can create scripts and quickly download or upload data from those machines in a matter of seconds. Solarwind servers and accounts are granted high-level permissions to perform these tasks. Hackers could take over a company’s management servers and use them as’ zombies’ and orchestrate attacks on voting machines from all over the place, making them hard to track.”

‘If this is true, it’s big news,’ said He Qinglian, a Chinese scholar in the U.S. In the United States, election fraud is difficult to be solved unless the Dominion system is tracked down and foreign forces in the 2018 Presidential order are triggered to interfere in the U.S. election. “At this level, it’s a zero-sum game,” she said.

Refusing to give up both houses, Republicans will join forces to challenge the electoral College results

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On Wednesday, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R., Ga.) said she may join two U.S. senators and four House members in challenging the electoral College results of heavily rigged states in a joint session on Jan. 6.

Pictured is U.S. Senator Lofler.

Lovler said there is still a long time until January 6, so a lot can happen in that time, but she will also, if necessary, submit a written opposition to The Electoral College nominee, Joe Biden, on January 6.

The alternative electoral College, proposed by Republicans in seven states — Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin and New Mexico — all voted for Trump’s re-election. Their votes resulted in 84 disputed votes in the Electoral College on The 14th.

On January 6, the Senate and House of Representatives will certify the presidential candidate chosen by the Electoral College, and they will discuss and vote on the nomination only if a member of each chamber provides written testimony opposing the candidate. If a majority of both houses reject the candidate proposed by the Electoral College, the electoral College candidate is discarded and the two chambers discuss the state-by-state candidate.

The two current senators, Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Kentucky Congressman Paul (Rand Paul), Georgia Congressman green (Marjorie Greene), Alabama Congressman Brooks (Mo Brooks), Alabama Congressman Moore (Barry Moore), Virginia representative Goode Bob (Good) and so on four representative have said that they will be on January 6, submit a written testimony to a joint session of both houses, biden elected opposition to the electoral college for President in 2020.