Witness the 30,000 votes counted many times at the Michigan hearings key witness: I don’t regret standing up and testifying

“I lost my job, I was harassed and my life was threatened because Of testifying at the election fraud hearings. I have children, and they are threatened. But I won’t back down.” Mellissa Carone spoke to VOA during a stop Stealing elections, Support President Trump rally in Washington, DC, on December 12.

Cuaron is a former IT worker for cybersecurity at Dominion Voting Systems. Working at the TCF Center in Detroit on election Day this year, she documented more than 20 cases of voter fraud. Testifying Before the Michigan House Oversight Committee December 2, she said she had seen at least 30,000 ballots illegally counted many times over the Dominion. Her affidavit is supplementary to a lawsuit filed by Trump’s lawyers in Michigan.

Cuaron, left, at a hearing in Michigan. (Photo: Screenshot)

Cuaron said she had come to the rally from Michigan “to support President Trump, and we are going to fight, we are going to win this fight. This election has been stolen, and we want it back. There’s a lot of evidence that this election was crazy and rigged. They cheat in all sorts of ways…” .

“I call on people to stand up! Please stand up, we must stand up… .”

Ms. Cuaron said she knew she would face threats before testifying at the hearing. “I came out because I love this country. It was the most important election of my life, and it was stolen. We’re going to fight it out. I don’t regret coming forward to testify, not at all! This is our country, and we’re taking it back. This election has been stolen!”

Undaunted by the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear Texas’s case, Cuaron believes There are other ways president Trump could win. “I am still hopeful,” she said. Yes, I am hopeful. We’re going to fight, we’re going to take it back!”

At the same time, Cuaron called on Republicans to have the courage to support President Trump, saying, “Republicans, stop selling out our country! Republican in name! This is wrong. We must unite. At this critical moment, as before, we must unite as one and speak with a louder voice. We will take back our country!”