The director of Intelligence report has come out with no denigration. It looks like someone is really scared.

According to Executive Order 13484 issued by Trump last year, the Director of National Intelligence is considering submitting a report to Congress on foreign interference in the election, with the theme that China is the major interference country, Bloomberg reported on December 16, citing people familiar with the matter. And the divisions between US intelligence officials and analysts have left John Ratcliffe, director of national intelligence, temporarily without signing the report due to be presented to Congress on Friday.

According to executive Order 13484, the director of Intelligence’s report is provided to “the President, secretary of State, Secretary of The Treasury, Secretary of Defense, Attorney General, and Secretary of Homeland Security,” not to Congress.

In addition, the article deliberately guides public opinion in two respects. On the one hand, it says numerous U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia wanted to interfere in the U.S. election to help Reelect Trump, and it says federal investigation Director Christopher Wray told the House of Representatives in September that Russia interfered by using social media to discredit Biden. This is to belong to the other side really too much evidence, simply pour a rake first. On the other hand, the data on The Chinese Communist Party’s interference in the US election are all in Chinese, and are relatively recent and need to be evaluated. As a Democratic Party, I can do nothing but that. They write this way because they know that the evidence is too solid, so before the evaluation report comes out, they dismiss the mountain of hard evidence as useless.

The last is to play down the dNI’s credibility, saying he has no background in intelligence. This makes people see clearly the intention behind this report, deliberately guide public opinion, reduce the power of the report.

He Qinglian, an economist in the United States, commented: “The 18th is the deadline for the director of Intelligence to submit the report. The Article by Bloomberg considers the report to involve foreign interference in the US election and presupposes that the content of the report is biased, thus creating public opinion for the Democratic Party to boycott the report. Whether this report is submitted to the public unnecessarily. There is no need to inform the Democrats. But from this silverless article, I know this is a sore foot for the Democrats. Pinching a thief’s sore feet is king.”

Li Jianglin, a historian based in the US, tweeted: “According to EO13484, it is legal for US bailiffs to storm solarwind’s headquarters and take anything, confirming that foreign forces interfering in the election can confiscate its property. It’s probably already done quietly.” One user added: ‘There are so many more machines out there! All the tools of the crime!”