A 105-year-old French woman has survived a coronavirus infection

The lucky woman lives in a nursing home in the Alps in southeastern France. She was infected with the coronavirus during the second wave this fall, but survived. Last week, the nursing home celebrated her 105th birthday.

The hard-nosed woman, Lea Lavy, lives in a nursing home in the famed Lake Anatolia area. This fall, the nursing home was hit by the second wave of coronavirus, which infected nearly 60 percent of the population and killed 33 of them. But Leia Ravi made it through. She is the oldest middle-aged resident of the nursing home.

On December 10, Leia Ravi turned 105. Stephane Richard, director of the Nursing home and Parmenlan Foundation, told AFP news agency that the hospital, her daughter-in-law and several carers were holding a small party to celebrate her birthday.

Because of the epidemic, everyone wore masks in the living room and presented a bouquet of flowers to the birthday star, avoiding the cake sharing program. “It scares me a little bit,” the veteran told local newspaper Dauphine Libere, according to the paper. Not long ago, she said, she was living in her own home and had only been in a nursing home for a few months.

The nursing home has been severely affected by the second coronavirus wave of COVID-19, according to the home’s director, Stephen Richard. In “109 out of 185 of our guests (nearly 60 per cent) were infected with the disease and we deplore the deaths of 33 of them.”