The emergence of the Bauhinia Party shook the centrist Turkish establishment

In December this year, the media reported that the China-backed Bauhinia Party had formed a party in Hong Kong, which caused widespread discussion. In addition, foreign media recently reported that 1.95 million Members of the Communist Party are lurking in institutions such as the UK, Australia and the US. Senior journalist Ching Hsiang said in an interview that the Bauhinia Party revealed Beijing’s complete distrust of the Turkish Communist Party, the establishment and the middle way of Hong Kong and manipulated the Bauhinia Party to work for the party. As for the CCP members’ international presence, it shows that the party still carries out its underground front.

Chinese redbud party party chairman li recently told ZhongLianBan publication journal of Chinese redbud interview, “Chinese redbud party, a new political party in Hong Kong, engage all classes, no local sea turtles, no social background, no ask seton hall, by influencing the political, economic, social and cultural ways, to participate in the governance of Hong Kong, Hong Kong civil service, in the SAR government and transmission talents training, provide port, support the government in power.”

Bauhinia Party is the vanguard for purging the “old Hong Kong people”

The Bauhinia Party aims to attract a quarter of a million members, a number proportionate to Hong Kong’s population of 7m that only the Chinese Communist Party can match. Some of the bauhinia Party’s other aims are to reform the Legislative Council and promote the upper house, the upper house and the lower house. They even talk of sending members to run for the future legislative Council and the chief executive.

All these moves have caused wide ripples in Hong Kong politics. Radio Free Asia interviewed a veteran journalist who had recently observed the movement of the Bauhinia Party. Ching Xiang believed that the emergence of the Bauhinia Party was a symbol of the Chinese Communist Party’s intention to implement the “New Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong” and plan to take over Hong Kong and cleanse the “old Hong Kong people”. Ching Believed that the sovereignty of Hong Kong was transferred from Britain to China in 1997, and the so-called “first return” was the return of sovereignty, but the power and popular support of Hong Kong were not recovered. The Bauhinia Party is part of the Chinese Communist Party’s response to Hong Kong’s political and social backdrop, which has seen two million-strong demonstrations in 2019. A large number of “overseas returnees”, “Hong Kong drifters” and 150 mainlanders come to Hong Kong every day to participate in various organizations in Hong Kong. However, Ching believes that the Bauhinia Party emerged, the purpose of the Chinese Communist Party to borrow the party. Speaking of Communist Party members “coming to the surface,” Cheng said Beijing still has a taboo on “one country, two systems.”

Cheng Xiangshui: at the end of 2019 have already mentioned to cultivate “new people” in Hong Kong, and even the “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” into “xingang port of rule of man”, the old meaning of “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong”, under such a background, Beijing considers some of the activities by the communist party of China is running behind, is not well, the communist party of China needs a group to public events, help Beijing planning program, under such a background, there is a Chinese redbud party. The question is, why hasn’t the Communist Party surfaced at all? Before this point returns to the motherland, also have a lot of discussion, since returned, already by the Communist party in power, the Communist Party is the ruling party in the country, why should do underground party in Hong Kong? This is because in terms of Communist Party policy, Hong Kong’s ability to remain a “white zone”, not a “liberated zone”, is a “white zone”. Why keep it white? Because the Party still wants to keep the “one country, two systems” brand. If under the one country, two systems, the surface of the communist party of everything to come out, everyone (social and international) to the truth of the so-called “one country, two systems” will sell at a discount greatly, in order to keep the brand of “one country, two systems”, the communist party is forced to “diving”, but now continue to “diving” is quite inconvenience for the communist party of China, every time I also want to consider the political status of the communist party of China, Beijing work is not convenient, now just organize a submission to the communist party of China, under the direct command of the party, let party to handle affairs, this is a full takeover of Hong Kong.

Cheng Xiang believes that members of the Communist Party of China is the shell of the Bauhinia Party, on the surface is not the Communist Party, although the communist Party is in the bones, the Communist Party is still accountable to the international community. On very sharp political issues, he believes that the Chinese Communist Party will not directly intervene, because the ideology and culture of Hong Kong people and Mainland China are completely different, Hong Kong people cannot accept the Communist Party directly sent by the Party, he cited the University of Hong Kong two People from the Background of the Chinese Communist Party to become the vice-chancellor of Hong Kong, the social disturbance can be seen.

The centre of the Soil-co-construction system was hit hard

Ching believes That Beijing is extremely disappointed with the Hong Kong establishment. Committee of lianchuang party nearly 30 years, the resource is not light, but still failed to produce appropriate political talent, and measure to calculate is Dr “pheasant”, “swearing” dirty, mainland so-called poor quality, bad image, however, ching refers to the organizational system and soil have not consciousness, he thinks that the flow of tam yiu-chung still says organizational system in the National People’s Congress and Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) have their own, is not aware of the “crisis”.

“Beijing is disappointed with Hong Kong’s leftists,” Ching said. “They just don’t know it. They don’t have the self-conscious spirit. The biggest impact should be on organizations such as the DAB and the IMU, which may not have a great impact on the federation of Industry and commerce, because the FEDERATION of industry and commerce always seeks the grassroots organizations of the COMMUNIST Party of China. For these people, the CPC requires them to blindly follow and obey Beijing, and they must not think independently. Federation of people don’t have much to think independently, for their impact is not big, the biggest impact is dab these originally as a representative of middle class in administering Hong Kong team, but since the founding, dab, about 30 years ago to waste the resources of Beijing, to now have accomplished nothing, the impact on the dab is the largest, Chinese redbud the set up of the party is going to with middle-class identity of the communist party of China, governing Hong Kong.

As for the centrist “Hope Alliance” recently founded by Tien Beijun, Cheng believes that tian Has no hope to revive the centrist, bourgeois governance forces, because Tien beijun’s battle in 2003 in the “23 laws” has been regarded by the Communist Party as a “traitor”, and tien beijun’s team will not be trusted by the central government. The Bauhinia Party is by its very nature an alternative to Hong Kong’s traditional middle-ground.

Beijing won’t let Lin Zheng get away with it

Chief Executive Carrie Lam cheng Yuet-ngor earlier said she was proud of her work and had regained confidence in governance. Analysis but ching, from “Hong Kong 01” boss in secretary product sea criticism can’t see a problem, so that the so-called QuYingYan “organizational system first jian pen” give up “is red bottom how” routine and rewrite “it is not a framework, and the secretary about governance, even by the secretary has duty visit by evil spirit, with her earlier policy address the rescheduled as an example, the secretary in Beijing’s eyes just as handed over to the small role.

“I think the postponement is of the same nature as the postponement of Lam’s previous policy address,” Ching said. Central secretary did not put in the eye, the secretary would have announced his policy address last time, already set the time, but three is stopped a few days ago, that said when the central meeting, no one told her secretary to delivered the date of the policy address announced, announced to her time, the central said she want to go to the meeting on the mainland, this reflects the central government to complete is placed within the eye, is secretary, preach to the role of. This reporting problem, originally she wanted to go to Beijing, the central said no, to wait for Beijing notice, these two points reflect the same image, the central has completely not put Lin Zheng in the eye. As for re-election, with the establishment constantly firing at her, Beijing may be considering whether to allow her to remain in office. Even if Lin is re-elected, he will be a minor figure, unlike Tung, whom the central government respects.

“Termite policy” permeates Hong Kong society and the world

In recent days, a number of CPC members have emerged in Hong Kong and internationally. Ching pointed to the fact that the PARTY still carries out its traditional underground front line. He specifically referred to the party’s “termite policy”, describing the way party members lurk around the world, preparing to defeat the enemy.

Cheng Xiang said: in the 1950s, the Chinese Communist Party had formulated a termite policy. What is a termite policy? That is, all CPC members in Hong Kong, and foreign countries alike, should be willing to lurk, silently, like termites, slowly eat into the tree, moth to a certain extent, the tree will be pushed down. “Termite policy” is documented in a top secret document. Why a termite policy? From the communist party of China, the policy is the ’50 s, when the output revolution, the communist party of China to Hong Kong, southeast Asia and the west output revolution, but the output revolution can not blatantly, secret work, the communist party of China in Hong Kong or foreign send so many party members, in order to lurk, voluntarily, like termites, hard work, this is the spirit of “termites” zhou enlai was put forward, slowly decayed, corrosion of others, to tear down the enemy when conditions are ripe. The COMMUNIST Party’s idea of exporting revolution has not changed.

International, 1.95 million party members was exposed, more important institutions in foreign countries, ching think the tradition of party members of the communist party of China has not changed for latent, during the cultural revolution “insert red flag over the world will not change, still output revolution, infiltration of foreign, the global times editorial” spy “slammed defected evidence, can be found in the Chinese communist party still value” hidden front “.