Big data is elusive

I think a lot of people have experienced this:

You and your friends buy the same thing online at different prices.

For example, I was going to see a concert in Zhoushan this year, and Booked a ticket with some friends. The price of the same flight was different.

I did some careful research and found that this phenomenon is quite common.


For example.

I booked the hotel with Xia Xia on the same App.

We are both new users of the same type of room in the same hotel and we have booked it for the first time.

But the price difference is 64 dollars.

It seems that big data is not only getting familiar now, but also the new treatment is different.

We tried it with another app, and I got killed again.

My price is not only 40 yuan more than that in summer.

There was also the scarlet letter that said “Room capacity is limited.”

Huh? It was as if an evil little man was yelling at me, buy now!

Hurry me up with my order.

In fact, the first time to search for housing prices, everything is normal, but the price is not the same;

But on the second search, click in again, and the “tight room” sign appears.

Oh, scheming.


I have encountered many price differences between the same product and APP.

There’s another case —

People can buy the same product in different apps at different prices.

That makes sense.

After all, different platforms have different pricing and subsidies, leading to different prices.

But I think that might pose a conundrum

When I buy something, do I have to compare platforms first?

That’s too much trouble. No wonder price comparison platforms are so popular.

Take the picture below.

Xia Xia and I have another friend. We order the same fried beef from the same Hunan restaurant.

Three prices for three people.

52.8 yuan; 48.8 yuan; 53.8 dollars.

Of course, I still think it’s understandable that different apps have different prices.

After all, platform pricing and subsidies are not necessarily the case.

But –

The latter two pictures are obviously the same APP, and we are all users with the same conditions.

But the discount for two people is different.

One minus 18, one minus 13.

And why?

The feeling of the survey is:

The big data is too erratic and unpredictable.

There is no emotion.

In ignorance, you spend more than others a few dollars, dozens of dollars, or even hundreds of dollars.

For example, my friend is always happy to book a movie ticket on a certain platform, after watching carefully, write a film review, or a premium member.

The results of this comparison, she found the ticket is always the most expensive.

A piece of heartbreak…


So, if you don’t bother.

When booking airline tickets, hotels, food delivery and movie tickets online, you can compare the price difference between different platforms.

You can pull friends together to compare who is cheaper.

After all, it is not easy for migrant workers to earn money.

My friend and her husband, as small white-collar workers, have developed a habit

When ordering takeout at home, always compare prices first.

Whoever orders the goods is the cheapest.

B: That’s not bad. You’ll save money and have a better relationship. The picture

So it’s good to have a partner and compare prices together.

Save some money together.