Most Americans want Trump to drain swamp

President Trump has vowed to continue the fight for electoral integrity, and he has public support. A majority of Americans want Trump to continue his fight to change corruption in Washington, according to a new poll released on Monday by McLaughlin& Associates, a research and strategy services firm.

Fifty-two percent of 1,000 respondents in the December 9 solstice poll said they want trump to continue draining the Washington swamp.

The survey also asked about the choice between “big government socialism” and “free market capitalism,” with 58 percent choosing the latter and only 16 percent choosing the former. Similarly, when asked whether they favoured small government with fewer utilities or the opposite, small government dominated, attracting 48% of the vote, while only 36% chose big government.

U.S. Christian missionary Franklin Graham said Monday he is grateful for what President Donald Trump has done over the past four years to support Americans for life and freedom.

Graham said on Facebook that people asked him if he was disappointed in the election, and he replied that he thanked God for the last four years he had given the United States a president who protected religious freedom and unborn life, and gave the country a strong economy.

Graham went on to thank a president who strengthened and supported the military, a president who rejected the swamp and the corruption in Washington, a president who stood up for law and order and defended the police, and a president and vice president who recognized the importance of prayer.

Trump vowed to fight on even in the face of mounting opposition and criticism. “There has been an enormous influx of voter fraud, something we have never seen in this country before.” Trump bellowed in a Tweet Tuesday.