Taiwan to amend Regulations on Hong Kong and Macao to prevent “fake Hong Kong investments and genuine Chinese-Funded investments”

The Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan refers to the increasing number of Hong Kong and Macao investment cases with “land-related factors” in recent years. Sources quoted Party officials in Taiwan as saying that Hong Kong has deteriorated as an international financial center or become a base for the Chinese Communist Party to infiltrate Into Taiwan.

The Mainland Affairs Council will amend Article 31 of the Hong Kong and Macao Relations Ordinance next year to eliminate the requirement that “Hong Kong assets” can be equated with “foreign capital” in an effort to eliminate the infiltration of “fake hong Kong-invested assets” and “real Chinese-funded assets”, international media reported on December 16.

According to Article 31 of the Hong Kong and Macao Ordinance, the investment of Hong Kong or Macao residents, legal persons, organizations or other organizations in Taiwan may be made by foreigners for investment and settlement of foreign exchange.

In response, the Hong Kong Border Town Youth group issued a statement, calling on the Taiwan authorities to amend the law without harming the “real Hong Kong assets”, so as to protect the rights and interests of the people in Hong Kong and Taiwan.