Who is behind the election fraud?

In the almost daily swing since the November 3 election, Trump‘s team has its eyes on six key states, witnesses have exposed extensive evidence of voter fraud in state-televised hearings, and the battle between good and evil has begun.

Although each state is an independent voting system, the methods of cheating are very similar, ranging from changing election laws, using mail-in ballots, large numbers of unknown ballots, and using Dominion voting machines to transfer votes for President Trump to Biden in a flash, to not being monitored after the election and not verifying voters’ identities.

This is clearly a holistic operation, aimed at the presidency of the United States, deep government or dark forces to control the United States, to deprive people of their rights; And, of course, there is the Chinese Communist Party, and evidence suggests that $400 million has been funneled into Dominion Before the election.

President Trump’s personal team of lawyers has been traveling around the world around the clock to uncover the fraud and present the facts. Lawyer Powell and Lawyer Linwood were doing the same thing on parallel fronts. Tens of thousands of Americans have sided with Trump after hundreds of lawmakers and state lawmakers came out in support of the president, and 20 red state attorneys general joined Texas in its appeal.

But the opponent seems to be hiding in the heavy haze, do not see who will be the master, how can this fight ah? Billionaires such as Soros and Tashberg, who have invested heavily to influence swing states, are mere pawns in the shadows of larger conglomerates or powerful families.

President Donald Trump called Biden “Sleepy Joe,” a man of limited ability and often dazed mind who slipped up and said, “We have a great and powerful rigged system in place.” Who would believe biden would be the leader of the dark side?

Recently, the left media also uncovered the scandal of Biden’s son. One theory is that he jinli is ready to replace Biden. Biden said in the interview that he would get sick if the president and vice President disagreed, which meant making room for the more left-wing delegate, He Jinli.

Ever since President Trump was elected four years ago, opponents have resorted to a variety of tactics to try to bring him down. Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2015, Barack Obama’s Russia probe failed, and Nancy Pelosi has spent four years single-mindedly opposing Donald Trump. Who else could be behind it?

It is really complicated and confusing, people is like to see swordsman novel, have appeared clue, wonderful drama is being staged ceaselessly in act after act, it is to cannot be sure who is that most dark place “leading role”.

The right side has come out openly, the ultimate hidden profit or dare not show their faces, the interest group is more than a natural, but it will not be leaderless, really see the people worried. Stripping the cocoon and spinning it, the last moment has not yet arrived.

Trump’s army is on a difficult road. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it will take confidence, courage and perseverance. Some people will gradually come to realize that the drama of the world will be the triumph of good over evil.