On January 6, trump overturned seven members of Congress

A news conference by The Stop The Steal Coalition at The Capitol Club in Washington, DC, on Tuesday (Dec. 15). The two women in the front row are Michigan’s two electors who were denied entry to vote in the State Capitol.

At a news conference at The Capitol Hill Club in Washington on Tuesday, The Stop The Steal coalition called on Republican lawmakers to challenge The certification of The Electoral College vote in a joint session of Congress on January 6, especially in swing states that have been hit by allegations of electoral fraud. The coalition says seven MPS have so far responded to the initiative.

Calls on Republican lawmakers to challenge the electoral College results

It is not uncommon for Congress to challenge the electoral College’s outcome in U.S. history, notably in 1876, 1960 and 2000. “The law is very clear,” Brooks said in an interview On Monday. “The House and the Senate have the legal authority to accept or reject electoral college certification from states with electoral abuses.”

Ali Alexander, one of the stop-Vote sponsors, said that at least seven Republican lawmakers have so far endorsed a proposal by Representative Mo Brooks to challenge the electoral College at the Full House and Senate sessions on January 6. The lawmakers are likely to send a joint letter next week.

Ali Alexander, one of the founders of Stop Stealing elections.

Ali said they hope 100 Republican members of Congress will come out in support of President Trump and enlist senators in their efforts.

Warn the Republican establishment

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell publicly congratulated Mr. Biden on his election Tuesday morning. The Stop Stealing Coalition has warned the Republican establishment that failing to stand with President Trump now would be costly in 2022.

Alex Bruesewitz, president of a political consulting firm, said many Texas, California and Florida billionaires told Bruesewitz they were voting Republican because of Trump, who brought tens of millions of new voters to the Republican party. People support republicans because Trump puts American interests first, “not because McConnell appointed a few conservative judges.”

Alex Bruesewitz, center, president of the political consulting firm.

“If you don’t have Trump on the ballot, it’s hard to get people to vote.” Ed Martin, one of stop The Pileup’s sponsors, said politicians cannot muddle through on the issue and called on more Republicans to join the trump campaign.

Ed Martin, one of the founders of Stop Stealing Elections.

Arizona Senator: The United States is above my personal interest

The electoral College in the six swing states and New Mexico had a double vote on Monday, with two separate sets of electors each voting for their candidate. Three Republican electors from swing states also attended the conference, including Senator Anthony Kern of Arizona and two from Michigan who were denied entry to the Capitol building to vote.

In Arizona, 11 Democratic electors voted for Biden, while 11 Republican electors also announced they would “substitute” for President Trump. Arizona republican voters, state representative Anthony Cohen (Anthony Kern), said the Arizona people very worried for the election, many who are not interested in politics has also been “wake up”, both parties must make the right choices, or the United States will become “banana republic”, controlled by the communist party of China.

State Representative Anthony Kern, a Republican elector from Arizona, said: “I think it’s a good idea.

Cohen said he had risked his life, wealth and reputation to defend the legitimacy of the election, not to speak of the political consequences of not even being re-elected. “America is more important than that,” he said.