The Us Justice Department has accused Chinese tyres of illegally evading tariffs

On Tuesday December 15th American officials charged a Texan firm and a dozen others with allegedly evading import duties on chinese-made tyres over a long period.

A close-up of a truck tire store in the United States

The U.S. justice department said in a statement, through joint action, found that the company is headquartered in Houston Winland International/Super Tire company and its execution of high-level “plot to evade China light car and truck tires (LVT) and truck tires (OTR) import anti-dumping duties”, concrete suspected of using obtained from Chinese manufacturers, don’t need to pay duties of product related documents, and to reduce taxes by fake documentation. The Justice Department said the tyres were worth more than 21 million dollars and that the United States had failed to collect 6.5 million dollars in import duties as a result of the operation.

The justice department has taken control of Zheng Miranda Zhou and Kun Bruce Liu, both named as chairman of operations and vice-chairman of the tyre company involved, AFP news agency said. “For more than a decade, Zhou and her co-conspirators allegedly sought an unfair competitive advantage at the expense of U.S. companies,” the Department of Immigration and Customs Enhancement announced at its Office of Homeland Security Investigations in Houston. Six others have been charged, all of them considered fugitives, most of whom the Justice Ministry says live in China. Six others face civil charges. In response, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas Patrick Leahy said in a statement, “China and its industries want to rob, copy, and replace american-made goods and technology… Illegally importing and dumping these goods in order to systematically undercut their U.S. competitors.