Four effervescent tablets a day. Why does he have scurvy?

Nowadays the weather turns cold and changeable, some people suffer from a cold, and a variety of autumn and winter supplements are also on the agenda. Recently, the public Mr. Wang is quite depressed, obviously he has been very much focus on “health”: every day to drink four cups of effervescent tablets against the water, did not expect to stop using a week later, even bleeding gums, to the hospital found, suffering from scurvy. This is exactly how it is?

I got scurvy after I stopped taking the tablets.

Mr. Wang is 30 years old and works in Yangjiaping, Jiulongpo. He introduced himself since childhood does not like to eat fruit, in recent years because of social drinking more, the body is not as good as before. The National Day he inadvertently contracted a cold, listening to a friend’s advice, he does not like to eat fruit, he bought a lot of effervescent tablets online to drink with water to increase resistance.

“I bought effervescent tablets belong to the health food, I see the recommendation is an adult a day, but I think the taste is a little light, and during the holiday period also no matter, almost a day to add three or four tablets to drink, feel okay, as if the mental state is better.” Mr. Wang said, until last week, the effervescent tablets drink, he did not buy in time due to busy work, like to drink, drink Coke, he returned to his previous life. Unexpectedly, he had symptoms of bleeding gums when brushing his teeth for several days in a row, and the taste of blood in his mouth when he severely failed to brush his teeth. The doctor told Mr. Wang that this might be scurvy and needed further observation and treatment. What’s going on here?

Vitamin C supplementation is not a necessity

On this matter, the reporter consulted the New Bridge Hospital Nutrition Department nutritionist Huang Chen. He introduced, vitamin C is a wide range of human physiological functions. It has the role of promoting iron absorption, promoting antibody formation, detoxification, the removal of free radicals. Clinically, it can be used to prevent and assist in the treatment of some diseases, or for the prevention and treatment of scurvy. Commonly, after a patient has a cold, health care providers recommend that patients take vitamin C supplements to increase body resistance, but this is not essential.

Why did Mr. Wang have scurvy symptoms like bleeding gums? Huang Chen introduced the market vitamin C effervescent tablets, mostly 1 gram of a tablet, and the industry for adult daily vitamin C intake recommendation of 100 mg / day, a vitamin C effervescent tablets contain 1000 mg of vitamin C, has reached the adult daily vitamin C tolerable maximum amount of vitamin C, that is, 1000 mg / day.

Mr. Wang’s continuous overdose of vitamin C intake would have caused his body to become accustomed to metabolizing such a large amount of vitamin C. Mr. Wang would have had to discontinue his vitamin C dosage. By abruptly stopping the use, his body would not have responded in time and thus he could have developed symptoms of bleeding gums. In Mr. Wang’s case, the recommendation is to gradually reduce the intake of vitamin C, and do further observation and treatment.

The recent increase in the number of people with colds, effervescent tablets sales become better

Yesterday, the reporter visited the Yubei District and Jiulongpo District of Wanhe, Xinbiao, Yixintang and other pharmacies, all of which have effervescent tablets for sale. These effervescent tablets are divided into two kinds, one is over-the-counter drugs, one is health food, and divided into direct consumption and drinking two kinds of water. The majority of effervescent tablets are vitamin C, but there are also vitamin A, vitamin B and glucose effervescent tablets available at prices ranging from $20 to over $30, depending on the dosage.

In terms of dosage, 1 gram of tablets is the main. The reporter bought a box of 10 tablets loaded orange juice flavor vitamin C effervescent tablets, brewed about 500 ml of warm water to try to drink, more than the same dose of orange juice powder drink drink taste slightly lighter.

The reporter learned from the above pharmacy staff, the public to buy vitamin C effervescent tablets mostly, part of the purchase to the home of children to drink water, there is a recent increase in the number of people with a cold, after the purchase of taking to increase resistance.

News more knowledge points

Vitamin C supplements should be rich in natural fruits.

Huang Chen, a nutritionist at New Bridge Hospital, reminded that large amounts of vitamin C will be metabolized in the body to produce oxalic acid. The oxalic acid will form oxalate crystals in the urine, which has the risk of inducing kidney stones.

According to relevant statistics, 100 grams of lemon contains vitamin C 22 mg, 100 grams of kiwi contains vitamin C 62 mg, 100 grams of citrus contains vitamin C 28 mg. These are all suitable fruits for the public to take vitamin C supplements. The vitamin C in the effervescent tablets is artificially formulated, and it is more recommended that the public consume seasonal fruits to supplement vitamin C.

It should be noted that the public in the vitamin C effervescent tablets, can not use tea or drink to take. At the same time pay attention to avoid high water temperature, because the water temperature is too high will destroy vitamin C, it is recommended to use warm water or cold water, and drink as soon as possible.