Does 58-year-old man eat pomelo to bring muscle to dissolve even 7 days? This is a mistake you may be making.

As the weather gets colder, pomelos, oranges and oranges become the “top fruit” of the season.

Especially pomelo, not only cheap taste more juicy, there are a lot of people love the advantage: contains vitamin C, low calorie… And so on. But did you know that eating grapefruit can also produce myolysis?

Eating Pomelos makes muscles dissolve

Mr Liu, 58, loves grapefruit so much that he carries a grapefruit home every day after work, and can eat an entire grapefruit alone. Not long ago, Mr. Liu suddenly suffered from soreness in his limbs and weakness in his hands and feet. Then his symptoms worsened and he couldn’t walk any more. His family rushed him to the hospital.

Doctors took blood tests from Mr. Liu and found creatine kinase was more than five times higher than normal. This is muscle lysis caused by an acute injury!

What is myolysis?

Rhabdomyolysis refers to the destruction and disintegration of rhabdomyolysis due to extrusion, exercise, high fever, drugs, inflammation and other reasons, which causes the muscular cell components such as creatine kinase and myoglobin in the body to enter the extracellular fluid and blood circulation, causing the disorder of the human internal environment.

Symptoms include “soy sauce urine” (dark urine), weakness, fever, etc., which can seriously induce heart failure. The patient has chest tightness, wheezing, which may lead to death if treatment is not timely.

Why does eating grapefruit dissolve muscles?

This disease is usually caused by carelessness after excessive exercise. But Mr Liu did not exercise, also did not have accident injury, how can myolysis? What’s going on here?

The doctor inquired About Mr. Liu’s eating and sleeping habits these days and had a thorough examination. It was discovered that Three months ago, Mr. Liu was diagnosed with hyperlipidemia and took atorvastatin under the doctor’s advice for lipid lowering treatment. He’d been eating grapefruits for a week before it dissolved!

Grapefruit taken with statins is the biggest cause of rhabdomyolysis, doctors say. Take these pills and avoid grapefruit! Furan coumarin, naringin, bergamot and other active ingredients contained in grapefruit fruits (especially grapefruit) can inhibit the activity of a metabolic enzyme in human body, thus affecting drug metabolism and excretion.

This may result in a large amount of drugs in the body, causing over-potency, aggravating adverse reactions, and even poisoning.

Can’t take medicine eat grapefruit?

If you really want to eat grapefruit, how often should you take the medicine?

Recommendation: Avoid eating or drinking grapefruit juice 3 days before and 6 hours after taking the medicine. If it is really good grapefruit this bite, eat one or two grapefruit also do not have to worry too much, because without dosage talk about toxicity is rogue. It is most important to read the instructions carefully before taking medicine. If you are not sure, consult your doctor.

So, other pomelos, oranges, tangerines, also have an effect?

Grapefruit, orange and citrus rutaceae all contain hesperidin or pomelo, which can affect the metabolic enzymes in human body, thus affecting the metabolism and excretion of drugs. Therefore, attention must be paid to the interaction between drugs and these fruits when taking drugs in daily life.

In fact, grapefruit in addition to the flesh delicious, the skin is also treasure. Take grapefruit peel sugar, for example. Its volatile oils and directional compounds keep the aroma in your mouth.

The recipe of grapefruit peel sugar

Material: a yuzu skin, half catty rock sugar.

Step 1: Rinse grapefruit

The pomelo peel you buy on the market may be waxed, so give it a good rinse with salt.

Step 2: Slice

Cut the peel into strips about 5mm thick. If you are afraid of bitterness, you can cut off the yellow skin with a knife and slice it, but the effect of diet therapy will be reduced.

Step 3: Wash and soak

Every time when cleaning the hands to squeeze the grapefruit skin, just like wring dry clothes, repeatedly squeeze the grapefruit skin to absorb the water, and then let it water; The goal is to rinse out as much bitterness as possible from the grapefruit peel.

Soak this step is very key, make it pomelo sugar has bitter taste, numbness taste, be about to see soak good or not.

(1) Put salt water in the bubble for 4 hours to change the water, water must be the grapefruit skin drained and then add water soak.

(2) Hot water + a little salt soak, about 4 hours, and then clean 3-4 times. Don’t be afraid of trouble, the purpose is to make the finished product taste good.

Tip: In order to soak each piece of grapefruit, you can choose to hold it down with something.

Step 4: Control the water

The soaked pomelo skin can be wrung out and placed in a water-controlled basket for about half an hour.

Step 5: Boil the syrup

Boil to choose a good pot, must not cook with the iron pot, especially easy to paste. So I use a non-stick pan.

Melt water + rock sugar in a pot, water can not be less otherwise wring dry grapefruit peel will not stretch out.

If you don’t know how much water to add, take a bowl while soaking the pomelos. Squeeze out the water to see how much water there is, then take a little more water of the same amount to melt the rock sugar.

The number of sugar depends on personal preferences, like sweet put more point. The recommended weight of sugar and the weight of dried grapefruit peel is 1:1.8.

Step 6: Boil

Once the rock sugar has melted, stir the dried grapefruit peel in the pan so that each piece is coated with the ice syrup.

Step 7: Almost dry the rock sugar, then turn to low to medium heat continue to stir.

Step 8: Until the skin of the pomelo precipitates into a white sugar powder.

Step 9: Grapefruit peel candy is ready! Store in an airtight container. Eat and take as you go, to avoid softening from moisture.

Grapefruit sugar digestion appetizer, this season’s grapefruit sugar must try oh!!