Hawthorn meet it can be called blood vessel “vacuum cleaner” every three or five eat clean blood vessel garbage!

The body’s ability to break down blood clots declines with age, along with unhealthy habits such as irregular eating patterns and sedentary living.

Therefore, the blood vessels will be more and more garbage blocked, serious will appear cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as cerebral embolism, myocardial infarction, etc., once the disease is troubled, the patient’s normal life will be greatly affected. Therefore, we must do a good job of preventive measures, usually good maintenance of blood vessels, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of thrombosis.

In fact, the way to clear the blood vessel waste is also relatively simple, can start with the diet, suggested to eat the following mentioned food.

A hawthorn.

From nutritive Angle analysis, hawkthorn has very good health care effect, because contain rich vitamin among them, contain 60–90 milligram VC probably in every 100 grams flesh, and the trace element that still has human body to need.

In addition to everybody is familiar with hawkthorn to have appetitive healthy food action besides, the composition that hawkthorn still contains pectin, have soluble, can help us to reduce content of cholesterol inside body to a certain extent, avoid hemal sclerosis, at the same time, still can clear the impurity inside hemal and toxin effectively.

If you don’t know how to eat better, I suggest using hawthorn with alisma, which is a good medicine to clear away the cloudy things in the blood and tissues in the body. The combination of the two can make porridge with better results. It can dilate blood vessels, increase coronary blood flow, and promote cholesterol excretion. In this case, blood circulation is unobstructed, and nutrients can be timely delivered to all organs in the human body.

  1. Corn

Actually, in the case of vascular blockage eat corn also has many advantages, the main reason is that it contains nutrients, including linoleic acid unsaturated fatty acid, which can promote the normal excretion of fat and cholesterol, reducing cholesterol deposition in the body, effectively prevent arteriosclerosis and thrombus disease.

Not only that, eat more corn on weekdays, but also can soften blood vessels, in the healthy blood vessels at the same time, blood flow will be unimpeded. In addition to eating boiled corn, you can also use corn to make soups, and some kudzu root is added to help detoxify the body better, which is good for the blood to clean out the garbage and toxins.

  1. The onion

Onions have many functions. First of all, they can reduce blood sugar and anti-aging, because they contain substances such as dendrobium skin and flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidant elements and can suppress free radicals to some extent.

In addition, also contains large amounts of allicin and sulphur, their presence can kill many pathogenic bacteria and parasite within a short period of time, and onion bulb is hypertrophy, contains contains a called allyl sulfide grease volatile substances, can have the effect of sterilization to prevent colds.

What’s more, Onions contain sulfides that not only lower blood pressure, but also help prevent blood clots to a certain extent. In addition, they contain prostagtin A, which is not found in other edible plants, which relaxes and softens blood vessels and keeps them flexible and strong.

In a word, when blood vessels are unobstructed, human health will not be affected. Therefore, we must eat more of the above-mentioned foods in our life to relieve the pressure of blood vessels and at the same time clean up the garbage.

Of course, exercise is essential in daily life, because exercise can promote blood circulation, reduce blood viscosity, but also can metabolize harmful substances in the blood.