Looks like a needle eye, conjunctivitis was diagnosed with eye cancer! Beware of initial signs of vision change

Be careful when your eyes are red and swollen. Don’t dismiss it as conjunctivitis

Mr. Huang, who is in his 40s, had his right eye reddening and thought it was infected with conjunctivitis, but the drops didn’t work for weeks. When he went to Ruan General Hospital for medical treatment, he was found to have a tumor in his right eye socket with a diameter of about 3 cm. Because of the tumor squeezing, his right eye was convex and blood circulation was also poor, and he had red eye symptoms.

In order to prevent the spread of cancer cells, the attending ophthalmologist Dr. Gordon Zhang removed the bulb of his right eye and gave him more than 40 radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments. Finally, the condition was stabilized, but he still needed regular follow-up visits in the future.

The cause of eye cancer is unknown. Seeing things bigger or smaller and losing vision may be precursors

The cause of the eye cancer is unknown. It may be a cancer transferred from other sites, or it may be primary eye cancer, including epidermal cell cancer, melanin cell cancer, basal cell cancer, lymphatic cancer, retinoblastoma, etc. The growing part may be in the eyeball or eye socket, and the symptoms are more diverse.

If the tumor is located in the eye, the patient may suddenly feel changes in vision, see things larger or smaller, loss of field of vision, or complicated with uveitis, glaucoma, etc.

Some cancers of the eye look like pinpricks

The symptoms of eye cancer located in the eye socket are more diversified. As the tumor grows and compresses, it is easy to cause bulges of the eyeball, difficulty in eye rotation, diplopia, orbital pain, conjunctiva redness, or even eyelid ulcers, etc. Sometimes the appearance may be similar to pinpricks.

The old lady who lived in the country famous, right eyelid suddenly appear similar eye of a needle, over time the more and more big, and surface ulcers, working in the field, the son of came back hurriedly take her to go to a doctor, the results confirmed that the risk of eye cancer, after surgery, but because the cancer had spread throughout the right eyelid, in order to remove clean, had to even lower eyelids were removed, and the upper eyelid to pull down and rebuilt as a transplant.

Another middle-aged woman, long-term because of floaters, flash, in the eye clinic was diagnosed as retinal detachment, transferred to Ruan General Hospital, examination found that she not only retinal detachment, but also a hidden tumor. But because the patient did not want his eyeball removed, he turned to folk therapy, and when he returned, the cancer had grown all over his eyeball and had metastasized to his liver.

Diagnosed eye cancer most enter advanced stage, feel suddenly one eye outside protrusion, swelling should seek medical advice as soon as possible

In fact, the incidence of eye cancer is less than 1 percent a year, but it’s the eye, the window to the soul, that needs to be treated with caution. Because the initial stage does not have any symptom more, easy person is careless, wait until the tumor grows bigger and bigger, the patient discovers wrong and turn to big hospital go to a doctor when, the course of disease is entered advanced already more, some people cancer cell has already transferred to lymphatic, liver tissue even.

Usually, if only the eyeball is removed for patients with eye cancer, an artificial eye can be installed after surgery to improve the appearance. However, if the cancer cells have invaded the lymph nodes, soft tissues and muscles around the orbit, even the eyeball tissues need to be removed during surgery, and the artificial eye cannot be installed. Therefore, the earlier detection, the more tissues can be retained.

Must remind here, if without special events, all of a sudden feel monocular outward, swelling, etc., be sure to as soon as possible to the ophthalmic examination, because generally appear outside protruding eyes, swelling, eye cancer is likely, or the eye socket and cellular tissue inflammation, whether it is which kind of, if not timely diagnosis and treatment, is likely to be life-threatening.