Wood responds to epoch Times editorial: “Trump is a genius must have a plan of action.

This presidential election is fundamentally a contest between liberal democracy and communist totalitarianism. Leading US lawyer Lin Wood tweeted his approval, saying President Trump was a “genius” who would surely take action to clear the swamp for “we the people”.

The 2020 ELECTION in the United States was riddled with serious and widespread fraud and involved foreign powers. An editorial in the English language newspaper Epoch Times on Monday made clear that the current crisis is not a biden or Trump victory problem, nor a Democratic or Republican one. Fundamentally, The United States is facing an evil force that wants to destroy this country and, indeed, all that is good in humanity.

The U.S. election, it said, was “the culmination of a battle between freedom and communism, between good and evil.”

“There is no compromise between good and evil. They are like fire and ice. Giving in to evil only encourages it. A communist victory in this election will cause freedom to fail everywhere. Mankind will be plunged into the long night.”

The article concludes that American democracy is in crisis and that President Trump should take action to combat fraud and restore the rule of law. The power of the presidency should be used to secure America’s future and to arrest those who conspire to deprive people of their rights through electoral fraud.

Wood later shared the editorial on Twitter, with the caption: “I 100% agree with what this well-written editorial says” and “100% sure that President Trump will take action. Trump is a genius. He has a plan.”

Wood also told Gateway Pundit that the left wing media in the US had become branches of the Chinese Communist Party because none of them covered the results of forensic audits of the Dominion voting machines in Michigan. The results showed an unprecedented level of fraud, including a 68 percent error rate, the transfer of Trump votes to Biden, and the sending of ballot data overseas for processing.

“Communist propaganda tools will never be allowed to tell the truth,” Mr. Wood wrote in a tweet early Tuesday. He suggests reading the epoch Times, OANN and Newsmax, three media outlets that insist on reporting the truth. “They are not owned, operated or controlled by communists or those who support communism.”

Wood also shared that President Trump will clean up the swamp and tackle massive corruption.

“America is in dire need of a thorough cleaning. Too much corruption and greed and President Trump will clean it up for ‘we the People’. Steady.” He wrote.

Former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn also said in an interview with Fox News on Sunday that President Trump has “smoking gun” evidence of foreign government meddling in the U.S. election, and that the director of U.S. intelligence will release a full report on Friday. If the report is not filtered, it should include the issue of foreign interference in elections.

Mr. Flynn also said that if he were the intelligence director, he would recommend that the president initiate an executive order in 2018 and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate because of the serious foreign interference in the Dominion voting system.