There are precedents for electoral votes that could change American history

The U.S. presidential electoral College has ended, but republicans in seven states — Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico — voted for Donald Trump. The news media did not report the electoral College vote, and the public did not understand.

By January 6, experts say, in case the Trump team is overturned in the lawsuit, the “conditional electoral votes” could be certified by the Federal Congress and become valid official electoral votes, “a precedent in THE history of the United States.”

Wang Hao, a Chinese writer based in Taiwan, said that while Democratic electors voted in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan on Saturday, Republican electors also voted for Trump with “conditional electoral votes.”

He said there was a precedent in American history for the two parties voting in the electoral College at the same time, with Hawaii’s Democratic electors casting such a “conditional electoral vote” in 1960 that became a valid electoral vote after the state won a recount.

Therefore, According to Wang, if the Trump team is overturned by the lawsuit before January 6, these “conditional electoral votes” may be certified by the Federal Congress. The U.S. Congress will convene a joint session on January 6 to count the states’ electoral college votes and certify the results under the auspices of Vice President Mike Pence.

“If at least one representative and one senator rejects a state’s vote at the same time, the House and Senate will have to vote on it,” he said.

Zhao Xiaohui, convener of The Real Talk Business Forum, said, “It’s very unprofessional to read that ‘Joe Biden is in the White House.'” She says the electoral College results must be recognized by the U.S. Congress, but so far, congress has not recognized or may even overturn the popular vote.

“There’s been a reversal in the Electoral College.” Zhao said six swing states plus New Mexico, seven with 84 votes for Both Trump and Biden, “could also become invalid.” If the ballots are invalid, she said, trump received 232 votes and Biden 222, neither passing the 270 threshold, so the result will be certified by the new Congress on January 6.

This time, she says, there are two sets of state-by-state electoral college results. Republicans in four swing states — Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona — will vote for Trump, Pence and “a list of alternatives that can be recognized by Congress.”

The electoral College results do not confirm Biden as the new president, Ms. Zhao said, because after the new Congress convenes on Jan. 6, Congress has the power to decide whether to accept the election results or even consider disputed vote counting and possibly a separate election, “and these conditions are taking shape.” She believes the next step in Trump’s legal battle will focus on the re-election of the president and vice president by the U.S. Congress.