“They’re going to jail soon” Trump retweets Lynwood’s lawyer – Trump retweets: Giving Joe Governor a chance they’re going to jail

On Tuesday, President Trump retweeted a tweet from Joe’s attorney, Lin Wood, accusing the governor and secretary of state of colluding with the Communist Party to commit election fraud and asserting that they would go to jail.

The tweet featured pictures of Georgia’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp, and secretary of State Brad Rathensperger wearing masks with the Chinese Communist Party’s blood flag painted on them.

“Trump is a really good guy, he really doesn’t like firing people, I bet he doesn’t like putting people, especially ‘Republicans’ in jail, he gave Camp and Ravensphogg every chance they could do well, [but] they turned it down and they’re going to jail soon,” the tweet read.

Joe Has counted the votes three times, but refuses to check the signatures. Trump has said many times before that he would have won in Joe “easily and quickly” if Camp or Raffensperger had allowed a simple signature verification of the ballot.

The Trump campaign has pointed to widespread irregularities and serious fraud in the Joe Biden election, as well as a much-watched late night secretly counting video from Fulton County, but the Joe Biden victory has now been forced by the Joe State administration.

Earlier, Lynwood retweeted, “This morning I was reminded of my lifelong belief that there are no coincidences.”

He refers to the coincidence that on July 12, 2019, Li Qiangmin, consul General of the Communist Party of China in Houston, paid a visit to Georgia Governor Camp in Atlanta. As can be seen from the photo, the two sides had a very happy talk. The Houston consulate, which the United States identified as the “headquarters” of Chinese Communist party spies, had been conducting intelligence and subversive activities in the United States for years before it was closed in July.

More than two weeks after Camp’s meeting with Lee, Joe state signed a contract to deploy the Dominion Voting system (Dominion Voting machines) throughout the state. The big boss behind the system turned out to be the Chinese Communist Party, and the Dominion voting machines were “designed for election fraud,” according to a Michigan court investigation released Monday.

Another suspect in Mr Kemp’s unusual relationship with the Communist Party is that the state’s economic development agency has provided a separate domain name (www.georgiabusiness.cn) for its Official Website (Georgia.org) in Chinese, which is owned by Chinese companies. It is rare for a U.S. state government to own and own a foreign company.

It is also notable for its complex business relationships with the Chinese Communist Party, which has infiltrated the state in many ways, including in academic fields.

In a speech to the National Governors Association in February, Mr. Pompeo also highlighted a Report by a Chinese Communist think tank that analyzed attitudes toward the party in all 50 states, labeling each state “friendly,” “tough” and “vague.”

Pompeo told state governors that the Communist Party has been “methodically” targeting U.S. weaknesses and looking for ways to deal with the United States at the federal, state and municipal levels.