It would be out of our wildest dreams to send trump’s hardcore anti-Communist experts to China. The margin of error can be 85,000 times

Historic scene! Brave Republicans and Republicans in 7 states stand up and vote for Trump! The good news is that the state of Arizona is going to conduct a full court audit of polycom and software.

Us Constitutional lawyer Analysis, snap election: Pence, Senate vote invalid for Democratic presidential elector in disputed state. Chinese scholars observe: There are numerous opinions in The Biden camp, the High court is in a frenzy, and the left media is high profile but dare not report that 7 states are brave Republicans to stand up and vote for Trump!

Biden’s electoral College speech peaked at less than 7, 000 streams, highlighting his lack of support among Americans. Hard evidence exposure! Pro-communist group intervenes in US election, behind ghost buildings.

The federal trade commission (FTC) 15 to amazon, facebook, twitter, YouTube, trill parent bytes to beat, Discord, Reddit, Snap, WhatsApp9 social media and video streaming companies command, request their company how to collect, use, and presents the user information and providing information, and how to display ads to customers of the company, the user participation and related practice illustrated how to impact on children and adolescents.

The companies have 45 days to respond to the orders.

The FTC voted 4-1 today against the order, with Republican commissioner Noah Joshua Phillips arguing that the orders were “just shotguns to kill birds, only partly relevant to established priorities”.

Facebook checks neutrality? Australian media kicks and explodes “steel hilary powder” investigator

Liberty times reported that the United States in the 2020 presidential election was a lot of false information, including false web, false screenshots, and even a fake “fact examination center”, take out, according to Australian media reports, Facebook (Facebook) 1 “independent fact checkers” turned out to be Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) of iron powder, the investigator has will leak political stance of twitter account change is not set to open.

Australia Australia Sky News (Sky News) reported that facebook’s one of the “fact that inspectors seuss” card (Margot Susca) after “international fact what and network” (IFCN) certification, is also a professor at the university of Washington, her claim to be politically without prejudice, also for facebook 19 audit report the facts, but on a personal twitter publicly claiming to be her iron powder, also PO with Hillary’s photo.

Reports that the fact that facebook inspection extraordinary power, can review they think don’t think the news, and make the face of it doesn’t appear links related reports, the seuss card in addition to the public political stance, in “Russia Today” (Russia Today) program in blasting trump, also announced “dedicated” to kill trump’s comments, more to trump related as are not accepted.

Defense Department adviser reshuffle, hardcore anti-Communist Newt Gingrich and China experts into the National Policy Council

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich and eight others will join the Defense Policy committee, the Defense Department announced December 14.

Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller said, The eight new members of high-profile newt gingrich, the U.S. ambassador to the international civil aviation organization Thomas Carter (Thomas Carter), the center for strategic and international studies (CSIS), a senior consultant and author of “the rise of China and the strategic logic of Edward root, Dr (Edward Luttwak), the former air force fighter jets flying officer Scott Grady (Scott O ‘Grady), Thomas Stewart (Thomas Stewart, Randy Forbes, founder of the Congressional China caucus, Senator Robert Smith and former ambassador Charles Glazer.

The DPC is a federal advisory board, usually composed of former senior national security officials, that provides independent, informed advice on defense policy matters to the secretaries of defense and deputy secretaries of defense for their specific tasks, according to the Defense Department’s website.

In November, 11 high-profile advisers were removed from the Defense Policy Board by the Pentagon.

Too far? Survey: The Dominion Voting Machine has 85,000 times the standard error rate

The Dominion is a touch-screen voting machine.

On Dec. 14, a judge in Michigan allowed Matthew DePerno, an attorney, to open his investigation into the Dominion voting machines used in his state. The 23-page report reveals that the Dominion voting machine was designed to be rigged, and concludes that the integrity and legitimacy of voting throughout Michigan is in serious doubt.

Report says, “the federal election commission (FEC) terms, allowing election error rate should be 0.0008% (that is, there is a mistake in 250000 votes), we observed gas-centred error rate is 68.05% (that is, error rate of 85000 times), it shows that (gas-centred) the security and integrity of the election caused a fatal error.”

Forensic investigation: Loss of critical records for the Dominion Voting Machine

Key records related to security and ballot decisions are missing from the Dominion Voting machine in Antrim County, Mich., according to a Forensics report released By United Security Operations Group Dec. 14.

“What the system shows is obviously voting records from previous years, and all the decisions from the 2020 election are gone. The adjudication process is the easiest to manipulate.” The report (see here) says, “Without these records, there can be no audit accountability. These incidents of missing records have raised concerns and are highly suspicious. Previous years’ records in the system were recorded using the same voting software.”

“From this we must conclude that the record during the 2020 election has been artificially erased.”

In the course of the forensic investigation, investigators discovered that the Dominion voting machines were refusing to adjudicate large numbers of ballots, which were manually determined by election workers.

Chinese commentary: Trump’s Armageddon has just begun, and it’s time to save America’s future

The New World review said that now, capital has controlled the deep government, media and education in the United States, and the dark forces of the left have taken away the executive power, legislative power and judicial power of the United States, as well as the right of free speech of the media and the right of educational values. Right now, the only thing the American people still have is the right to bear arms. But the Democrats have been trying to deny americans the right to bear arms.

Congress was created to restrain the power of the president; The Supreme Court was created to restrain the President and Congress; In order to restrain these three powers, freedom of media and freedom of speech are also designed. When the founding fathers feared that the executive, the legislature, the judiciary, and the media would all be undone, the people could still use the gun to overthrow evil powers. Now that the deep state is trying to control the four great powers of America in order to rule America and the world, it’s time for the American people to take back justice at gunpoint.

Now, President Trump and the American people have been cornered, deep government, Democrats and Joe Biden are about to steal the presidency, legal and other peaceful means have been almost exhausted, and the Anger of the American people has been running high. Now Trump should, with the support of the US military and the American people, expose the deep government and take down the crocodile for “treason”.

At the same time, Americans are demonstrating in support of President Trump, putting pressure on Congress and the Supreme Court.

The people did not want war, and they did their best to avoid “civil war” in order to preserve constitutionalism. But if peaceful means are nearly exhausted, and if only thunderbolts can save America and Christian civilization, then President Trump, the U.S. military, and the American people have a fight. The greatest peace is justice. When justice is lost, what is the meaning of vulgar peace? When the means of saving peace are exhausted, maintaining justice with thunderbolt means is the highest means!

The historic opportunity has arrived, but it is fleeting. God has given Trump and the American people a historic moment to save themselves. When not now? If this great historical opportunity is missed, God will punish the Americans of today with the great sacrifice of the American people and American civilization! At the same time, god punishes human civilization by allowing greedy capital to rule the world, exploit the people of the world, and overthrow the civilized order.