Spy sea mystery Of the Communist Party of China male spy unexpectedly “pregnant gave birth to” true baby — the Communist Party of China national Security the most mysterious “honey trap” details exposed scratching their heads unexpectedly is such

The ugly honey trap of the Communist Party’s security department

The communist party’s lie in its intelligence system since 1949 is that “unlike The Emperor, we do not use pornography or assassinations.” For the young people at home and abroad who have simple ideas and the idea of serving the country wholeheartedly, it is quite deceiving to think that the intelligence agencies of the Communist Party of China are so clean that they make full use of their ideas and aspirations to influence and win people’s hearts. The reporter had the opportunity to contact a former Agent of the Communist Party of China, he from their own personal experience, from different angles reveals the Chinese Communist party intelligence system fraud, filth and to protect the evil spirit of the Communist use its extreme truth. The following is a transcript of the reporter’s recent interview with each of them.

Dinko won the World University Games in Canada in July 1983

Mr. Ding ke graduated from the English department of Beijing Foreign Studies University in 1982 and immediately joined the Investigation Department of the CPC Central Committee (renamed the Ministry of State Security in 1983).

“When luo Qingchang (former head of the investigation department), Zhou Shaozeng and Chen Zhongjing (former deputy head of the investigation department) repeatedly stressed to us 100 graduates from the class of 77 that the Communist Party’s intelligence agencies use neither pornography nor daggers, which is different from the anti-Imperial intelligence agencies, I really believed them,” Ding said. The party that thinks of itself as “great, glorious and right” does not naturally associate itself with such dirty tricks. I was proud that I had chosen the Communist Party’s intelligence work as a starting point for my career. Before going abroad to work, I was exposed to communist Party news reports and books published or edited by the Communist Party, so I couldn’t understand the truth of the Communist Party’s intelligence system. In addition to internal colleagues’ “shouldn’t say not to say”, to avoid taking the blame, my mind is full of the illusion created by the Communist Party.

In August 1992, Dinko went into seclusion in rural Virginia (Great Era) after defecting to freedom.

“It was when I was working abroad that I really began to understand the inner workings of the COMMUNIST Party’s intelligence system. In 1985, after the jin Wexi spy case was cracked in the United States, the French counterintelligence agency also cracked a major espionage case, because this case is bizarre and absurd, and absolutely obscene, the Security department of the Chinese Communist Party was forced to suspend all espionage activities in France.

Zhao Fu three

When it was reinstated several years later, zhao Fusan, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, vice chairman of the Church of The Three Self Christians and head of the CPC delegation to UNESCO, had to be temporarily hired as the deputy minister of security in Paris with the approval of the senior leadership of the CPC Central Committee. Expect to cover up as a new horse and a distinguished scholar. Who knows to 8964 massacre, Mr. Zhao resolutely defected and broke with the Communist Party of China, this is later.

The case is this, in 1964, the French Foreign Ministry to the Embassy in China to send a young diplomat, Bernard worship Chinese culture. Bernard Boursicot. During the reception held by the embassy, this man saw a cross-dressing actress when pei Fu, repeatedly put forward to date, this matter was no small matter at that time, urgent evil spirit troupe leadership, had to layer upon layer to report. The intelligence department of the Communist Party of China at this time no longer care about what not to engage in a sexual beauty trap and so on lies, decided to fake play really sing, fake come true.

And so Peyver, 26, began an absurdly bizarre affair with Bernard, 20, arranged with the body and voice of a woman on stage.

Brucico and their children

This pair of “lover” only step in the Intelligence agency of the Communist Party of China elaborate design “paradise” in, in order to firmly trap this foreigner, a year later, when pei Fu “young lady” quietly told the lover has been pregnant. The “love child” between China and France is actually a blue-eyed hybrid from Xinjiang. The foreign brother was as mad as a mule, completely intoxicated with his fantasy.

A steady stream of French government secrets flowed through girlfriends into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. Soon after, the young man left office and returned home, thinking of his “lover and son”. During the Cultural Revolution, She asked Bernard for more top-secret documents to keep her and her young son safe.

In 1982 Bernard finally took Peyver out of mainland China as a woman and settled in Paris. Unfortunately, the couple, who symbolized the “friendship” between China and France, were quickly arrested. When the court announced to Bernard that Pavel was a man, he refused to believe it. Eventually the French police put them in a cell and he discovered the truth. In desperation, Bernard cut himself in the throat. Although he was rescued, he became a lifelong victim of the Communist Party of China.

China’s real spy Peking Opera actor has been sentenced to six years in prison in France for inducing a French diplomat to steal information

Source: Southern Metropolis Weekly

On June 30, 2009, The Chinese Peking Opera actress and inspiration for the movie “Butterfly,” who was convicted in France on espionage charges, died. Pu Pu was originally a man, but compared to Zhu Yingtai who was a “butterfly” — dressed as a man and a woman. He lived with The French diplomat Brucico for 18 years and even “bore” a child. Even now, even after Peppery’s death, Brucico has been unable to forgive the man he once loved.

The poster for M. Butterfly.

Zunlong in M. butterfly.

In 1994, the film “M.Butterfly” came out. The film, based on a true story, tells the story of a Chinese opera performer who dresses up as a woman and falls in love with a French diplomat, and whose real-life counterpart is Time Pepper.

The Peking Opera star, who was convicted of espionage in France in 1986, died in Paris on June 30, 2009 at the age of 70, according to an aide to Time Page.

In the 1960s, two charming young men met in Beijing and developed a freak love affair: A 26-year-old playwright of a Peking Opera troupe, and a 20-year-old employee of the French Embassy in Beijing, Francesco Brcico.

“If she wanted the moon in the sky, I would try to get it for her.” Mr. Brucico, who has a French romance, said he was deeply in love with “woman” Page. As for Pu Pu, he compared himself to Zhu Yingtai, who dressed as a man and dressed as a woman. Brcico mistakenly thought Pepper was a woman and lived with her for 18 years, even having a child.

When he learned he had been cheated, Brucico never forgave Pepper, and even when Pepper died, his reaction was lukewarm.

Zhu Yingtai disguises herself as a man

On December 21, 1938, Pu was born to an aristocratic family in Shandong, China. Six years later, Bernard Brcico was born in Britta, France, the son of a common tailor. In 1964, a 20-year-old high school dropout, Ms. Brucico became an accountant and typist at the newly established French Embassy in China.

Brucico was a handsome young man with strong muscles, broad shoulders, and a small waist. On Christmas Eve, Claude Chayet, the number two at the French Embassy in China, invited Brcico to a party at the embassy. There were a lot of beautiful women at the party, and the good-looking Brucico was very popular. But then a pretty young man — a girlish figure in a short MAO suit and fluent French — came into Brucico’s eye. In the process of communicating with others, she will be as shy as a girl.

His name was Shi Pepu, a scriptwriter, actor and secretary of the League department of the Beijing Youth Peking Opera Troupe. Ge Xianting, former deputy director of the Beijing Art Research Institute, recalls that Shi Pepu, a French-Spanish graduate from Yunnan University, loved Peking Opera as a student and performed in collaboration with Guan Su Shuang. Later, he became a teacher of Jiang Miaoxiang, a young student, and performed “Strange Double Meeting” in the Auditorium of Peking University.

“Why don’t you go to the dance, Mr. Shi? There are a lot of pretty girls over there.” Brucico began to chat up Page. ‘Or shall I bring you something to eat?

“I don’t like that many people.” Then Pepper shyly left. Fifteen minutes later, Pepper returned to chat with Brucico. Although He has a Chinese teacher, Mr. Bruccius ventured to ask Pepper to help him with his Chinese.

“Maybe you can teach me Chinese.”

“Maybe.” Pepper wrote down his home address and then left.

Brucico had never fallen in love with a person before.

One evening, in the square in front of the Forbidden City, Pilipe told Brcico the story of “Butterfly butterfly” — a woman disguised as a man who fell in love with a man and eventually died in love and became a butterfly.

In March 1965, Brucico received a letter from a friend who invited him to explore the Brazilian jungle.

“I may resign here.” “I feel very sad,” he told Pepper.

A few days later, they met again for a walk. It was a spring evening, and Pepper was holding Brucico’s hand. “After my mother gave birth to two daughters, my grandmother said that if she could not have a boy, she would take a concubine for my father. I was born, yes, I’m a girl. My parents lied to my grandmother that I was a boy.”

His words were implausible, but Brucico decided to accept them.

They returned to The diplomatic apartment where Brucico lived and had sex. When Bursiko kisses Pepper’s neck, she begins to undress — “her” breasts are small and plump…

Their first time was soon over.

When Pepper went into the bathroom, When she came out, Brcico noticed that her underwear was covered in blood. “My poor friend.” Brucico took her in his arms. “My wife!

Gave birth to a son for a French diplomat

By the end of the year, Brucico will be leaving China. Pepper told him she might be pregnant. “I’ll be back.” “Said Brcico.

Four years later, Mr. Brucico returned to Beijing, where he went to visit The Pepe family. The door opened and There was a tremor in Pepper’s voice, dressed in a voluminous undershirt and dark blue trousers. “You’re back at last.”

“Where are our children?”

Pepper pulled out a black-and-white photograph of a young boy, two or three years old, with a square face similar to Brucico’s and pale blue pupils. Since then, Brucico and Shi Pei Pu continue to meet under the disguise of “learning MAO Zedong Thought”. They don’t have sex very often, and they don’t completely undress each time.

November 15, 1973, a date That Brucico will always remember. When he arrived at the house, Pepper stood at the door, smiling. A boy about seven years old hid behind the door and peeked at him — it was his son Bertrand. Ms. Brucico went to the Beijing Friendship Store and bought a soccer ball, a toy plane and a toy car as a gift for her son. He told Bertrand to call him papa.

Later, Mr. Brcico got a job at the French Embassy in Mongolia and traveled to Ulan Bator, a 36-hour drive from Beijing. Every month and a half, Ms. Brucico gets a chance to go on a business trip to Beijing to see Mr. Pepper and his son. He brought a TV, a tape recorder, a Rolex for Pepper and his son…

Photo: Brucico and his son.

Brcico dreamed of having Pepys and their son live in France. After some hard work, his friends in Paris got Him a three-month cultural exchange visa.

Ge Xianting, former deputy director of the Beijing Art Research Institute, recalls that around 1969, Shi suddenly became a big hit and was assigned a big house in The Fresh Alley in Dongcheng. Soon after, The artist suddenly disappeared from the cultural bureau, “on a trip abroad,” according to the personnel department.

“Are you a man?” “Sure.”

Then one day, on June 30, 1983, the Paris police arrested Brcico and Pape and charged them with espionage. Two men overpowered Mr. Brucico and took him to the French Ministry of State Security.

“I am a diplomat, you have no right to touch me.” Brucico wanted to fight back, but he could not.

“Who was Pepper when you lived with him?” In the French Ministry of State Security, a mobilisation is keeping an eye on Brcico.

“I have never sold my country for money.”

“Who’s Pepper?”

“She’s just an ordinary woman…”

The rowdy office began to fall silent, and everyone was dumbfounded.

“And the children who are near her?” At last one of the officers could not resist asking.

“That’s our son.”

Earlier, a judge ordered a medical examination of Pepper to determine whether he was male or female. On July 13, a spokesman for the French Justice Ministry announced that a medical examination showed that the “Chinese spy” Was a man.

Photo: Pepper and her son in their later years.

At the end of January 1984, they appeared in court together. “I never told Brucico that I was a woman.” ‘I just made him realize that I could be a woman,’ She says. Because I don’t have male genitals.” They were sent back to Fresno Male Prison, this time in the same cell.

“Are you a man?” “Sure.” Pepper quickly zipped up his trousers and then closed them. Twelve days later, Due to “poor health,” Pepper was released and returned home to await sentencing. In prison that late spring, Brucico received the most terrible news –DNA tests showed that Bertrand was not his son. Bertrand confessed to police that he was an abandoned child from China whose mother had sold him because he was too poor.

Brucico had a disposable plastic razor that he used to cut his throat and was found alive.

In May 1986, Brcico and Peppe were convicted and sentenced to six years in prison. The court found Bursik and Page guilty of espionage for providing more than 500 pieces of information to foreign governments. In April 1987, He was pardoned by President Mitterrand and released from prison. Four months later, Brcico was pardoned.

Photo: Burcico in his later years.

Last words: I still love you

At the time, the Chinese government kept a low profile throughout the espionage allegations. Ma Yuzhen, a spokesman for the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign ministry, expressed shock at news of the sentencing, describing the charges as baseless. ‘At the invitation of the French government, Page went to France in October 1982 to give a lecture,’ Mr. Ma said at the time. ‘The Chinese government would never use a honey trap as a spy.’

After the arrest of Pape and Brucico, this bizarre and bizarre love affair was exposed and caused a sensation in the West. Brucico, who was “unisex”, became the laughingstock of the French people: after living together for so long, why couldn’t he tell whether the other was a man or a woman?

A forensic medical examination revealed that Pepper’s penis was hidden, and that the loose scrotal skin resembled a woman’s labia… Later, some people commented that Pepper was really a very excellent actor, in the repressive environment at that time, the open and gay love was impossible, so he chose this most absurd and bold way, as a female seduction Brcico.

As for the question that has been raised since the crime, how did Bulcico not discover that Pepper was a man for 18 years? The final explanation is that Pepper only agreed to have sex in the dark on the grounds of Chinese custom, and each time expertly tucked the things between his legs and hid them. Incredible as it may sound, it was possible in China in the 1960s, and with the mysterious atmosphere of Page, sometimes love was just a fool’s fantasy.

Even so, the exotic romance caught the attention of Chinese-American playwright David Hwang, who combined the story with Puccini’s famous opera, “Butterfly,” into the famous Broadway play “M.Butterfly,” which became an immediate sensation.

The dramatic tension of M. Butterfly attracted Cronenberg, the Australian director, who put it on the big screen in 1994 and hired Zun Long, the Chinese best actor winner of the Oscar, to play the leading role in the film version of M. Butterfly.

On June 30, 2009, after Pape’s death in Paris, the New York Times called Ms. Brucico, who was still alive. Brucico is now at rest in a nursing home in Paris, France. When she learned of Pepper’s death, Brcico reacted coolly and didn’t say much.

He was admitted to a nursing home after a stroke and is now recovering. “I’m not surprised he’s dead,” he said weakly. “He was ill for a long time. The story about us was 40 years ago.”

Asked if she was sad that Pepper had died, Brucico said: “He did so many things to me that he didn’t feel any mercy, and I think it would be foolish to say that I was sad, to play another game. The plate is choking now. I’m free.”

Brucico clearly still cannot forgive his former lover.

In the interview, he admitted that his relationship with Pepper had remained strained over the decades. The last time she spoke to him, a few months ago, She told him, “I still love you.”

Brucico is said to have kept photos of himself and Pepper at home. “He has ruined everything for me, my job, my family and even my life, but I think it is better to be cheated than cheated. I would rather believe it is a dream and Bertrand is our child all the time…”