White House spokesman Sean McKenney at a news conference

At 13:00 on Tuesday, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany held a news conference.

The United States began distributing the Wuhan Pneumonia vaccine on Monday, and the stock market rallied as the epidemic relief bill progressed.

President Trump tweeted his congratulations to the United States and the world early Monday morning. “The first vaccination was completed. Congratulations America! Congratulations to the world!”

The launch came as CNBC reported that a bipartisan economic rescue package was also in the works. To improve its chances of passage, the plan will be split into two parts.

The $908 billion bipartisan plan will be split into two parts, sources said. Some $748 billion, including funds for the unemployed and small businesses; The other includes controversial measures, including responsibility protection and state aid.

Yesterday also states the electoral college vote, but in several swing states, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona, the state elected by the electoral college vote for Democrats democrat senator biden and kamala Harris, but republican voters also announced the same day will vote for President trump and vice President Mr. Burns.

House Republican Mo Brooks said in an interview that President Trump actually won the U.S. election. He vowed to challenge the certification of the Electoral College at the January 6 plenary session of the House and Senate, and called on at least one senator to stand up and fight with him to uphold the integrity of the U.S. electoral system.

The Dominion CEO is expected to make a presentation at a joint Michigan Senate and House Oversight committee hearing today.

President Donald Trump says a preliminary audit of Dominion voting machines released today is “big news” and that “Dominion voting machines have been a disaster across the country, changing the outcome of a landslide election.” This cannot be allowed to happen.”

The preliminary audit by The Allied Special Operations Group (ASOG) states that “The Dominion Voting system is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systematic fraud and influence election results.”