Rosen, a veteran of The Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to infiltrate The United States, has been appointed acting attorney general

On Monday afternoon, U.S. President Donald Trump announced the resignation of Attorney General Barr and named Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen, who is in charge of foreign interference in the U.S. presidential election, as acting attorney general. And Rosen knows a lot about the infiltration of the United States by foreign powers like the Chinese Communist Party.

On Aug. 26, Rosen delivered a powerful speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies titled “Pressure, Secrecy, and Corruption,” which delved into the malarial influence of foreign powers like the Chinese Communist Party over the U.S. election. He points to the “3C” characteristic of The Chinese Communist Party’s interference in us elections.

The 3C, he explains, means three C’s — “coercive, secretive and corrupt”. These characteristics have long been an issue in US elections, and the communist Party’s goal is to influence US policy, political sentiment or public discourse and to interfere in the US political process.

In his speech, Rosen gave an example of The Chinese Communist Party meddling in U.S. elections. The Party’s political influence on the U.S. has become more prominent since the mid-1990s, he said, with the 1996 ELECTION, for example, “conducting a secret program to influence the POLITICAL process in the U.S. through political donations and other means.” The Justice Department has since sued some of the middlemen involved in the scheme. In 1999, the Justice Department issued a congressional report that characterized the Communist Party’s actions as a “serious threat to our national security.”

“The Communist Party has been engaged in a highly sophisticated and malicious campaign of external influence, using bribery, extortion and other malicious means to influence our decisions throughout the year and, of course, to influence our elections,” he said. Compared with 1996, he argues, the Party’s methods are now more sophisticated, toxic and sophisticated. By wooing middlemen, it influences members of Congress to influence US policy making.

In her speech, Rosen referred to Executive Order 13848, signed by President Donald Trump in September 2018. “Historically, malicious influence actions by foreign governments have been limited by reliance on third parties, such as mainstream news organizations or popular magazines, to reach a significant portion of the American public… But in recent years, digital devices and Internet communications have created huge vulnerabilities [of foreign interference in US elections] and amplified their scope and intensity…”

He warned that today’s media environment is very different, with “the Internet and social media giving foreigners secret, cheap and direct access to unprecedented numbers of Americans without ever setting foot on US soil.”

Executive Order 13848 focuses on assessing and sanctioningthose who attempt to interfere with U.S. election infrastructure (such as counting machines), political campaigns, and foreign propaganda outlets that spread false information.

Within 45 days of the election, the director of Intelligence is required to submit an informal assessment of whether a foreign power interfered in the election or acted as a foreign agent, according to the order. The Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security are then required to submit a formal assessment within 45 days of receiving a report from the director of intelligence. So in this process, the director of intelligence and the Attorney general will play a leading role in implementing the order.

According to media analysts, Rosin, who knows how to infiltrate the United States through The Communist Party, will replace Barr as acting attorney general in the ongoing legal battle. What he does after taking office could affect the general election, so it is closely watched.