Apple TV draws the line: Never touch negative or wild porn in China

Apple TV’s streaming service draws a line under negative China and wild porn.

As the U.S. Internet giant power by increasingly, the subject of television and movies are increasingly affected as apple computer o cook or amazon bezos is influenced by such leadership of likes and dislikes, apple’s senior vice President of Internet software and services cole (Eddy Cue) enterprise has said to his companion, “two things we must not touch, wild (hard core) pornography and (negative) Chinese subjects”.

The New York Times report cited a creative team member who had worked at Apple, and BuzzFeed, an online messaging site, reported last year that Cole had instructed his staff “not to portray China in a negative light.”

The revelation came in an article in the New York Times about how the us Internet giants are killing viewers’ choice because of personal likes, dislikes or business decisions.

Article points out that Apple’s TV streaming service Apple TV + last year is ready to make a TV show called Scraper, according to an insider, the sarcastic Hollywood high character series, and is based on a website called Gawker Media, the website because of explosive materials and cause the tycoon, after a barrage of lawsuits, finally in 2016 close to go to bed.

New York Times dow Jones, but when Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple Computer, discovered that his company was preparing to make the series in a big way, he ordered a halt via email and laid off all employees. The website Gawker Media has been known to take a dig at Mr Cook.

Citing two people who have seen Mr. Cook’s emails, the report said Mr. Cook was surprised that Apple streaming was preparing to make a series about Gawker because Gawker embarrassed Apple computers and, more recently, revealed Mr. Cook’s private life in 2008, implicitly suggesting that he was gay.

The Wall Street Journal reported back in 2018 that a series about Dr.Dre was rejected by Cook’s personal decision, citing violence and nudity.

The New York Times notes that Hollywood has a firm grip on what it makes, especially now that many of the Internet giants are run by oligarchs, such as Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s Bezos, Netflix chief Executive Reed Hastings and AT&T’s John Stankey. Their preferences are often dictated by business decisions and international markets.