President Donald Trump has launched another lawsuit to challenge the election results in New Mexico

Blockbuster! The inventor of the qr code has made a surprising claim. Interesting conversation! Lynwood: One more wave of Trump will beat them all. Apollo net commentator Li Yuqiang undertakes transforming profound analysis. President Donald Trump has launched a new lawsuit to challenge the election results in New Mexico.

It’s not Trump who needs action, it’s you.

Shocking quote: It’s not Trump but you who needs action

The 2020 election in the United States is not so simple as choosing a president, not so simple as partisan bickering, not so simple as cheating and rule-breaking. The massive fraud in the election was not just a brazen operation by the Democrats, but also a hidden coup by the deep government against the American people’s government, which is trying to bring democracy down again. This is not just a matter for the United States alone, it is a world war, and it is no exaggeration to say that if Trump loses, it will be the end of human civilization.

The New York Times op-ed argues that Trump is not greedy for power, but sees through it all and is brave enough to stand up and fight for each and every one of us. He faced the devil at the top of the pyramid of global power, wealth and heartlessness. He is giving his life to defend the constitution, to defend justice, to defend the rights of his people, to defend the last glimmer of democracy and freedom in the world.

If Trump fails this time, it’s not just Trump’s failure, it’s humanity’s failure. The whole world will turn into a big underworld, and no one will ever be able to live in peace. Everyone has to pay a price.

In such a life-or-death moment, no attitude, do not stand side, itself is dereliction of duty; The idea of watching and eating melons is simply stupid. And you don’t deserve to blame Trump for not exercising military control, because he has bravely assumed historical responsibility that he didn’t have to, and you didn’t.

Remember, it’s not Trump who wronged us, it’s us who wronged Trump.

No one can stay out of it. You have a responsibility to the world.

‘Don’t think you can’t do anything,’ the article adds. ‘Remember that all hands, depression, abandonment, and fear are the nourishment of demons.’ So, support trump, please don’t doubt, don’t cower, don’t say negative words, have the money to pay the manpower, with the pen is much publicity, has a gun is courageously struggle, your faith, prayer, optimistic, no doubt, is in itself a huge amount of energy, to believe in the power of the united enough to avalanche, to ward off evil.

It is not only Americans who should cherish and support Trump, it is also the common people all over the world who should have the same awareness, the article concludes. It is a great blessing that you and I have the opportunity to participate in this era of great awakening of mankind. Don’t be a bystander, no matter where you are, take action and support Trump. Because to support Trump is to save the world.