Zhai Dongsheng said an old friend who made an analysis of Bai Bangrui

A video of Chinese communist Party policy adviser Zhai Dongsheng boasting that the communist Party has “old friends at the top” in the US has attracted attention in western political circles. Who are these old friends? Michael Pillsbury, a senior American expert, makes the analysis.

Michael Pillsbury, director of China strategy at the Hudson Institute, a U.S. think tank, spoke to Fox Dec. 14. A veteran China expert, he said the Communist Party had bought democracies with money, tricked “naive” members of democratic societies into not realizing the party’s dangers and had to “wake up.”

The FOX host then showed a video of Zhai saying that the Chinese Communist Party has “old friends” and “people up there” in the Powerful inner circle of the United States. The host asked, “Who are these old friends?”

“I think he [Zhai Dongsheng] is right. He is not exaggerating. His old friends here are not some spies but people who are obsessed with making money from the Communist Party.” Mr. Zhai, Mr. Bai said, had let out an ‘open secret’ that few Westerners could challenge the Communist Party and that more people, especially the wealthy and wealthy, chose to sleep with it.

“When the Communist Party says this openly [with people at the top], they don’t see it as a crime.” “They [the Communist party] love Us billionaires like Michael Bloomberg,” says Mr Barberi. At least 50 U.S. millionaires worth more than $1 billion have traveled to China and made big money there, Mr. Barberi said.

Who else do these people have? “There is a long list,” Says Mr Bai of those who regularly stand for the Party. “If you read the party’s daily newspapers, you will find some [western] people who say China [the Party] is not a threat and should co-operate, not necessarily direct, but indirect and obscure.”

“If you say the right thing, you can make a lot of money in China. If you say the wrong thing, you can go to jail.” He cites hunter Biden’s Chinese partner who inexplicably disappeared.

In an interview with Fox in May, Barberi said that one of the three things the Communist Party fears most is a second term for Trump. “There’s a very important issue that you have to find out about trump’s deal art, which he has discussed a lot in his past real estate deals. You have to know what the other person wants most and what they fear most, and that’s the basis of your negotiation.”

At present by the media announced that he was elected President of the United States Joe biden, the designated team have many people with the past, such as his appointment of so-called “secretary of state,” Blinken (Antony Blinken), “defense minister” Flournoy (Michele Flournoy), “the director of national intelligence,” Haynes (began Haines), “White House press secretary” zhan, sacchi (Jen Psaki), etc., are from a suspicious open the Chinese market, specializes in the background of strategic consultancy WestExec Advisors.