Trump defends constitutional and anti-fraud coup against the people at home and abroad

Attention all over the world states electoral college vote on December 14, according to the epoch, the senior White House aides Stephen Miller (Stephen Miller) on the same day on the Fox News said: “(rules) in the constitution is the only date on January 20, so we have enough time to correct the fault of fraudulent election, and prove that Donald trump (trump) is the winner of the election.”

John Ratcliffe, the current director of national intelligence, who has the best knowledge of election fraud, has been blunt: “The winner will not be declared until the fraud is resolved.”

So the U.S. election process is not over yet, and the Electoral College vote on December 14 only made it look as if Biden had won. In late November, Trump warned that if the Electoral College did vote for Biden, “they would be making a big mistake.” The Texas lawsuit says it wants to prevent them from casting an “illegal and unconstitutional vote” in the Electoral College.

For the fourth weekend in a row since the election, large crowds have gathered in Washington, DC, and state capitals across the country to protest. Even in blue Democratic states, voters have rallied to express their resolve to fight fraud and uphold constitutionalism.

There are several poll shows that not only is the trump voters think Joe biden is stolen by victory, even democratic supporters have not less than 20% of the electorate think election fraud, because a lot of witness at great risk to proof, and material evidence piled up including the important tool for fraud – meters, the Voting system gas-centred Voting Systems and the system install software Smartmatic counting.

There is also a lot of public opinion that this election manipulation has gone far beyond the scope of fraud, which can be called the Pearl Harbor of American constitutionalism, just in the mainland of the United States, the Election was attacked by stealth. On December 10, Trump used the word “coup” for the first time in a tweet denouncing election fraud.

Several other prominent figures have voiced concerns about a rigged coup. “Word now is that Dominion Voting was purchased by CCP for $400 million (pre-election) October 8,” tweeted Lynwood, a prominent U.S. barrister. Efforts are under way to verify this. If true, it confirms other evidence that the Communists intend to overthrow our government in order to gain our valuable land.”

China expert Gordon Chang has warned that the Communist Party is engaged in a massive campaign of foreign influence in the United States, seeking to overthrow the government from within “using any means possible”, while discussing the 2020 US presidential election on WABC. Chang added that even some Republicans have been affected by the Infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party, especially those who carried Biden to victory in key swing states.

American online retailer of Overstock founder Byrne (Patrick Byrne) “the epoch times” interview, said his capital contribution of network security team to vote activities before the general election, the team reports pointed out that the U.S. presidential election was a spy of the manipulation by the communist party of the spy group including Iran, venezuela and Cuba, it is not random, but highly organized the coup. Coup plotters, says Mr Byrne, need steal only a few counties to flip the country, so they “vote like mad” in certain constituencies. Mr Byrne said the rigged US presidential election was “a slow coup from the Chinese Communist Party”.

In addition to the Support of the American people, many Chinese at home and abroad also support Trump. A typical comment from a Twitter user: This time, many Chinese people support Trump because he beat up the wicked people who Chinese want to beat up but don’t dare. A Chinese with conscience must be on Trump’s side instead of pretending to be fair and say yes and no.

In Taiwan, which has the highest concentration of Chinese fans, a financial industry retiree gave the New York Times the core reason why many Taiwanese support Trump before the election: “The ordinary people say we stand in the middle, but is it possible?” “You have a choice. It’s democracy versus totalitarianism, and you have to be on America’s side.”

The Chinese mainland, home to the largest number of Chinese fans, painted the entire map of China “manjianghong” (red for the US Republican Party) during the ELECTION campaign to show that Trump won China’s 270 electoral votes and nearly 1.4 billion popular votes. One Chinese netizen was quoted as saying: “Only after experiencing the Communist Party can you have an indelible vigilance against the evil regime.” Indeed, there are many hot articles or discussions on the Internet in China, which suggest that many Chinese people have a very thorough observation of the current US election, such as “Steps by Trump to Protect the Constitution” and “We are witnessing the Rise and fall of the World and the Us Election in 2020”.

At the same time, people are also witnessing the mainstream translocation of the American media. The hottest news topics at present, such as supporting The Sichuan March and anti-election fraud, have fallen on deaf ears of mainstream Media in the United States. “We’ve seen this kind of mainstream media before,” said a woman from Beijing who witnessed the Parade in Los Angeles. “How can this happen in America?”

In an article titled “Defending the Republic at the Edge of War,” hsiae-Chin-kuan, a Haiwa, Calif., citizen, wrote in the Taiwan-based People’s Daily newspaper: “In this election, the American media has been seriously discredited and turned into hatchmen dedicated to fighting and attacking Trump, but not mentioning the Biden family scandal.” Even more egregious was the lack of coverage as state fraud hearings went on in full swing. It seems that the old mainstream media, having given up being nasty, will soon be out of fashion. But the article is also glad that NewsmaxTV and NTDTV, the new tang dynasty, have taken over, covering state venues and performing their media duties widely, so it is no wonder that their ratings have soared.

A Taiwanese netizen has set up a website called “Facts on Election Fraud in the United States”. It says that the headlines of the left media all over the world are consistent like the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party. If you have friends of American citizens, please send this message to them. To help them understand the truth is to help them protect America, help us protect Taiwan, and help the world uphold justice. 5 election fraud hearings, the only Chinese in the world is the Epoch Times, the New Tang Dynasty, live broadcast, simultaneous Interpretation in Chinese; The World’s first English news app downloaded by epoch Times; The New Tang People English channel has attracted more than 2.2 million viewers. In homage to the Age of Truth and the New Tang dynasty, the page’s top line is a quote from Abraham Lincoln, the 16th PRESIDENT of the United States: “I believe in the people. If they know the truth, they can rely on it to deal with any national crisis. The most important thing is to bring them the truth.”

Several militia groups in the US have publicly refused to recognise Mr Biden’s election under the guise of “Stop the Steal”. Oath Keepers, the nation’s largest militia, have indicated that they will follow the spirit of America’s founding fathers in fighting to the end. “We the People Convention” called on Trump to follow The example of President Lincoln by declaring limited martial law and holding fresh elections under military supervision. Proud Boys, founded in recent years, supports Donald Trump’s election as president, advocates the Second Amendment and opposes Marxism and communism.

John Ratcliffe, director of National Intelligence, said the 2018 executive order will be released on May 18 as part of the review of Foreign Interference in the U.S. Presidential Election.

In terms of legitimate votes, Trump is clearly considered to have won the election. But foreign powers led by the Communist Party of China intervened in, intervened in, and rigged the U.S. election, as Trump tweeted on December 12: “We’re just starting the fight!!”

In line with the sentiments of all those who support Trump at home and abroad, this epoch Times feature, “Doing Right and Saving America with Presidential Prerogatives”, says that in this ELECTION, a series of facts remind people that good and evil are at odds with each other. It is the responsibility of the President of the United States to protect the Constitution and constitutional democracy and to defend the innate human rights and freedoms. It is also the duty of the President of the United States to the people of the United States and the world. It is also the promise of the President of the United States to God. In the midst of an unprecedented crisis that will determine the future of America and humanity, the fierce rivalry between good and evil and the present situation call for unprecedented courage and extraordinary measures to defend the sacred mission and the aspirations of the people. In an emergency, do an emergency. It may have been a difficult decision, but it may have been the best way to avert an even greater disaster, the great kindness and courage of the president in a time of national crisis.