Raise kidney is to raise life kidney strong life is exuberant

Recently the weather was cold a lot of people always feel fear cold be afraid of cold, actually this kind of circumstance is kidney Yang deficient weak, Yang qi is insufficient warm and genial body be caused by, but to kidney although expensive the essence that is congenital this is to hide congenital, we must recognize you are what kind of empty is kidney Yin deficient or kidney Yang deficient or kidney essence deficient.

1, kidney essence can soothe the five viscera, the essence of the five viscera hidden in the kidney. If kidney essence is insufficient if cannot fill raises the mind so the person’s memory is bad the reaction is slow should especially easy to forget the thing. Kidney bone, frequent sprained ankle or weak teeth. Usually we can eat some black food such as mulberry black beans, black sesame black ripe ground and so on, will have the role of tonifying kidney essence.

2, the kidneyyang body of Yang qi is also the birthplace of the fire of the door of life. Human life activity cannot leave the warm glow of kidney Yang, both your blood and body fluid and subtle, water needs to be “Ming gasification, transpiration warms, only in this way can our body health, kidney Yang, like a red, red sun decline inevitable Yin body cold inside, like those cold evil, cold feet, false pee qing long stool frequency and more. Kidney Yang weakness for men is a blow because the direct impact on the spongy body is not sufficient congestion resulting in Ed impotent waste.

  1. Kidney Yin is the foundation of body fluid. If appear the Yin deficiency can appear insufficient fluid performance, lost five zang-and the moisten will become special hot and dry, so there will be hot flashes and night sweats, five upset hot, red tongue less moss pulses count, etc. The symptoms of kidney Yin deficiency, in fact this is also the six flavors master card, if the fire appeared to urinate, dry red tongue moss yellow dry parker, this is also known rehmannia master card.

So the same is empty, must distinguish what kind of empty, at least distinguish is Yin deficiency or Yang deficiency, only in this way can grasp the big direction to fill in. Otherwise, putting the cart before the horse will aggravate kidney weakness.