A cotton swab for soreness and soreness in one minute!

Do you have this feeling that you just feel sore all over even though you haven’t done anything all day? Do you need to go to the hospital?

In fact, these aches and pains can be solved by a cotton swab without bothering the doctor at all.

Cotton swabs on the soles of the feet, aching without shadow

If you feel sore all over, you can’t just know that you need to massage your chest and back, which sounds like a huge task.

In fact, take a cotton swab to press the “torus joint” in the plantar reflex area, a few minutes can untie the upper body ache knot, immediately feel the whole body very comfortable.

The “toroidal joint” is the joint at the junction of the finger and neck between the first and second cervical vertebrae. The area of reflection is about 1/3 of the crosscut line above the bunion.

Stimulate this line will feel like “Sun Wukong took off the gold hoop!” “Come out of the tunnel eyes are bright! There will be a clear head of pleasure!

  1. Corresponding part: Ring-axis joint (1 point press)

Stimulate the reflection area of the “ring-axis joint” in the anterior part of the big toe. Hold the cotton stick vertically and press upward toward the toe tip. Slowly click horizontally.

  1. Corresponding position: Cervical spine (1 point press)

Under the big toe belly, the cotton swab presses the 1st and 2nd joints vigorously upward with an oblique 45 degree Angle.

  1. Corresponding part: Shoulder (zigzag line)

Press the toe outward, frame the outer edge of the “shoulder reflection area” first, then move from the toe to the little toe in the frame, and draw a large zigzag line.

  1. Corresponding part: Spine (drawing lines)

Hold the cotton stick by the tip of the forefinger, and push “from down to up” in the direction of the toe from the inside of the feeding toe to the long strip in the middle of the bottom of the foot.

  1. Corresponding part: Scapula (draw lines)

Frame first “scapula reflection area”, again in the frame toward the tiptoe direction “from down to up” draw a line, to draw a full reflection area.

  1. Corresponding part: Upper body lymph (drawing lines)

Press the soles of your feet to the floor and stimulate the “upper body lymphatic reflex zone” between the toe bones, as if to push the accumulated waste forward.

  1. Corresponding part: Arm (1 point press)

The cotton swab is perpendicular to the foot, pressing hard, from the little toe along the outside of the bone to the middle part of the foot “arm reflex area.” Hands on the floor will be more stable.

Think of the pain on the body can be improved through such a simple method, but in the ordinary life we also need to get rid of bad habits, so that the inexplicable pain away from us oh!