The lung “cleaner” has been found! Eat more of these 5 kinds every day clear lung moisten lung discharge toxin

The lungs are very important respiratory organs of the human body, and they also promote the normal metabolism of the human body. In addition, it can play defense, heat dissipation and neuroendocrine functions.

In order to maintain the normal life activities of the human body, play a vital role.

However, in daily life, lung diseases, such as lung cancer, can be caused by a number of factors, such as smoking, the harm of second-hand smoke, environmental factors, infections, etc. In recent years, the case fatality rate of lung cancer is very high, causing great harm to human health and life.

In daily life, we must do a good job of lung protection.

In addition to avoiding smoking, you can properly eat some food to clear and moisten the lungs and expel toxins every day, which has a good maintenance effect on the lungs.

What food can have the effect that clear lung expels toxin? Let’s take a look.

A snow pear

Snow pear is a very common fruit. Its flesh is very white and contains a lot of water. It has the effects of detoxification, heat clearing, decrease internal heat, phlegm resolving, lung moistening, blood nourishing and muscle generating. Especially for the lungs, has a very good nourishing effect. If there are symptoms such as cough or dry throat itching, pain and sputum coughing, you can eat some snow pear properly, which has a very good effect of reducing phlegm and clearing heat, moistening dry saliva, nourishing lung and clearing lung.

Second, the lily

Lily is the bulb of lily, white color, have edible and medicinal value. Lily has a particularly good tonic effect on the human body, can nourish the lung meridian and heart meridian, not only can play the role of moistening the lung cough, but also can play the role of removing lung toxins.

Three, white radish

White radish is a very common vegetable, containing mustard oil, amylase and other substances, has a strong health effect on the human body. It can promote digestion, reduce phlegm and relieve cough. White radish cold into the lungs through the stomach, in the appearance of cough symptoms, you can use white radish boiled water, has a very good cough effect. And, eat a few white radish appropriately, have certain effect to clearing lung toxin.

Four, Luo Han guo

Luohanguo on the human health effect is very much, has the moistening bowel laxative and heat clearing pharynx effect, but also has a certain hypotensive effect. In addition, luo Han guo has a very good cough runfei effect. If cough symptoms are caused by lung heat or dryness, appropriate use of luo Han guo soak water, drinking, can play a good role in relieving cough, reducing phlegm, clear the lungs.

Five, the pig blood

Pig blood contains a lot of nutrients, such as Vitamin B, vitamin C, niacin and other trace elements, these ingredients have the effect of clearing intestines, detoxification, blood tonic and so on. In addition, the pig blood plasma protein in the human body after the decomposition of a decomposition, can enter some of the human body metal particles and toxins out of the body, nourish the lung clear lung effect is better.

In daily life, we must do a good job in the maintenance of lung, in addition to avoid smoking, to avoid the harm of second-hand smoke, as well as to avoid the harm of too much lampblack, but also should replenish water every day. Appropriate to drink some chrysanthemum tea, arhat fruit tea, or some light green tea, have a good maintenance effect on the lungs. In addition, you can appropriately eat more lily, snow pear, white radish, pig blood and other food, can play phlegm and cough, as well as the role of clearing up lung toxins.