Too far? Survey: Dominion voting machines have 85,000 times the standard error rate

Under the constant testimony of lawyers and witnesses from the Trump team, American voters realized the Dominion voting machine was off the mark, but when the survey came out, the error rate was 85,000 times normal and the computer records were manually erased.

A judge in Michigan on Monday allowed attorney Matthew DePerno to open an investigation into the Dominion voting machines he is using in his state. The 23-page report reveals that the Dominion voting machine was designed to be rigged, and concludes that the integrity and legitimacy of voting throughout Michigan is in serious doubt.

On Dec. 4, a judge allowed De Perno and his IT team to conduct forensic investigations of the 22 Dominion voting machines, tabulators, thumb drives, related software and “master tabulators” used for the November election in Antrim, Mich.

The report concluded that the Dominion voting system was deliberately and purposefully designed to influence election results by creating “fixed errors” to cause systematic fraud.

Report says, “the federal election commission (FEC) terms, allowing election error rate should be 0.0008% (that is, there is a mistake in 250000 votes), we observed gas-centred error rate is 68.05% (that is, error rate of 85000 times), it shows that (gas-centred) the security and integrity of the election caused a fatal error.”

According to the report, deliberate and artificial errors in the Dominion machinery resulted in a large number of votes that needed to be adjudicated because they were not monitored, transparent or audited.

More seriously, records were deleted from the Dominion. “The computer system showed logs of voting decisions from previous years; But there is no log of all the rulings from the 2020 election.

“There is no audit accountability without logging, and this apparent lack of logging is extremely suspicious because records have been used in previous years using the same software.” “The removal of these documents violated state law and prevented meaningful review,” the report said. We have to conclude that the record for the 2020 election cycle has been manually deleted.”

The report reveals that other server logs existed before November 4, 2020; Therefore, there is no reasonable explanation for why these logs were lost.

The investigators also found that “changes in these systems can affect vote reading and vote counting, and our examination indicates that if two different procedures were used, the results of the election would change significantly.”

“The results showed that Central Lake Township table belts had a significant change in the total number of tabs from October 23, 2020 to November 5, 2020, and changing the software during an election was against the electoral law,” winnetka said.

“Based on preliminary results, we conclude that the (Dominion) error is so serious that the integrity and legitimacy of the Dominion 2020 election results are in doubt to justify the election results,” the report concludes. “Given that the other 48 counties in Michigan use the same machines and software, this raises questions about the integrity of elections throughout Michigan.”