Dalian man kills 3-year-old woman, jumps into Sea with wife… To seek the death penalty after being rescued

China’s crazy bitcoin speculation, unexpectedly out of a bloody case. A man surnamed Zheng in Dalian, Liaoning province invested 20 million yuan (RMB, $3.05 million) in bitcoin speculation, ran into huge debts, and finally decided to die. He stabbed his 3-year-old daughter to death with a knife, and then jumped off a bridge with his wife suicide, did not expect to be narrowly saved. A few days ago, Zheng Nan asked the court, “Please sentence me to death.”

According to media reports, Zheng didn’t have a job after graduating from university and was worth tens of millions of yuan through investment. Zheng said he invested 20 million yuan in Bitcoin, of which 500,000 was his wife’s money, 30 to 4 million came from his parents, and the rest was his savings and loans from relatives. He traded with leverage, only to lose his shirt and run up huge debts.

Zheng Nan was going to “go”, his wife decided to die together after trying to persuade fruitless, and put forward the children to others to raise her not trust, to take the children away together. In June, they fed their daughter a sleeping pill and then stabbed her in the neck with a knife after she fell asleep, killing her.

Two people with the daughter’s body to 10 kilometers away, the star Bay bridge across the sea, the first daughter’s body thrown into the sea, Zheng Nan and his wife again jumped off the bridge suicide. Zheng Nan fell into the pier base rescued, his wife and daughter are missing in the sea, his wife’s body was found in the evening.

After his arrest, Zheng attempted suicide several times in the detention center. In court, Zheng denied all defense opinions, only asked the court to sentence to death, to meet his wife and daughter.